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What is Apergers?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My youngest son is going to be tested for Aspergers..I'm not even sure I spelled it correctly...he has such a tough time of it...always seeming to find trouble ...and the worse part is that he is such a loving caring generous boy who would do anything for you...this disease is so different from what he is that it's getting easier to differentiate what is the disease and what is him..if that makes any sense...I know they are all him..but I used to take things so personally and get so hurt by the things he would say and do...I am told he doesn't have bi-polar which was his last diagnosis but more than likely Asp. I am also told if he does have it there is a certain way to help treat him that would go a long way to alleviate a lot of stress that we are under now...anyone with any ideas please feel free to send them along..he already goes to an alternate school where the children have pysche isuues and learning disbilities...thank God for that because they have been a big help...I have never heard of a child throw a chair across a room kick a garbage can across a romm and tell the teacher to go F herself..along with other things that I just cannot write here it is too disgusting..I love my boy..I won't give up on him...I adopted him and all these things are new to me..it's sort of like what will we find out next...
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  • DEE107
    My caretakers team has a whole Posting on it .. my nephew has it , they are smart children but learn differently and dont give up there is they know about it then they did years ago
    3235 days ago
  • MUSIC66
    it is a form of autism and i had a friend who,s daughter that was in the same grade as my middle son she was diagosed with it.
    3235 days ago
    Lori, I sure hope they can find the true cause of all of this. Aspergers is a high level of Autism I believe. I have a friend who's son has it and he researched and then wrote a book that he is quite sure that Thomas Jefferson had aspergers. Their are many many famous people with adhd, dislexia, ld, etc. It sounds like they are really trying to get to the root of all of this and I will be praying that they do and that he soon is doing much better. Praying for you to and missing you.

    Hugs and Prayers, Vicki
    3236 days ago
    Lori I am sorry I never heard of this. Can't help. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    Alex my GS is going thru a quite a time. Teenagers. You can't believe anything he tells you. If he tells me its raining I would have to go look before I believed him.

    God bless Lori..... Hugs Barbara
    3236 days ago
    Go to web md and other medical sites to learn about this. If you ever view the television show, Parenthood, one of the characters has this syndrome. They show it farily well according to my neighbor whose grandson also has it. Most of the kids who have it are considered to have high IQ's with other issues.

    Good luck to you and your family. There is lots of help available for you
    3236 days ago
    Oh sweetie, I am sooooo hearing what you're saying as my DS (now 19) has several diagnoses: ADHD, depression, recovering cutter, mood disorder, substance abuse.

    There are two groups (on line, like Spark) that I would recommend:

    1. adhdparentssupport@yahoogroups.com<
    BR>2. theoddparentjourney@yahoogroups.com

    There truly is NOT enough face-to-face support groups available so that's why I became part of both of these wonderful groups (I own the 1st, moderate on the 2nd) since my DS was 13 and things started really heading south behavior wise. That was is 2005. He had 2 hospitalizations in 2008, and this was a very difficult situation. But at that time, in the end, it did help.

    You reallly do need to have a full evaluation to find out exactly what is going on. ADHD and it's associated maladies often do co-exist, so you have to really design a treatment plan that deals with it all.

    BTW, if you google aspergers, you'll find tons of information. ADHD is on the Aspergers spectrum.

    Indeed, these kids will say and do things that is totally out of character for them, including exactly the behaviors you've described. They just reach such a point of frustration that they really do NOT have any other way to cope other than to explode!

    My DS was on meds (I say was, becasue @ 19 he has chosen to stop meds (not a wise choice, IMHO, but he is 19 and we cannot force him), had talk therapy, behavioral therapy, had special helps @ school (a 504 plan) and all of these things combined helped. BUT the teen years are very rocky, @ best as all the 'hormonal stuff' that magnifies a 'normal teens' (what is a normal teen anyway!?!) behavior is magnified with any kind of an alphabet.

    Read all you can. Best wishes for you. I totally know the frustration.
    3236 days ago
    Aspergers is on the high end of the Autism Spectrum. Try googling it. There is a lot of information on it and depending upon where you live, different degrees of help. My son (21) has it. He was diagnosed at 5. He is a neat and caring kid who has just completed 2 years of college. He is different but really neat.
    3236 days ago
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