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Handling Unexpected Temptations

Monday, November 14, 2011

There we were, on our way home from a fun morning out hungry and tired when he says it. "I need to go potty." Really? Are you sure? We just went! Ugh.
But being a potty training two year old I immediately had to start searching for a potty even though I strongly suspected this was his way of delaying going home. The closest potty I could think of was about 5 minutes from where we were (plus getting two toddlers out and in the car, that's cutting it close). I pondered pulling over to the side of the road just to avoid the destination but went ahead. And there we were.

At the BAKERY.

I tried to convince myself it's not often we are out that way, so we should just pick up our lunch and a treat since instead of just being late for lunch and naps now we were going to be very late.

But I held firm. In fact the toddler helped me stick to my resolve even while having to walk though the whole store to get to the potty. I couldn't reward him for this behavior if in fact he didn't really have to go potty and was just trying to stop somewhere else. But that wasn't it. I could have grabbed something to go quite easily.

But I didn't. I practically had to drag myself out of there. I actually had to tell myself I want to be skinny more than this. It's these little things here and there that are stopping from being wow instead of just ok.

And we made it home. Where they are now super late for naps, very overtired but we're eating a lunch that's within our nutrition budgets.

And now I am working on telling myself I will not reward myself for this victory with a food treat.

The temptations we know we have to handle are hard enough. But getting a victory, even if kicking and screaming the whole way, on these unexpected temptations is a big thing.

Oh. And he did actually have to go potty. And held it til we got there. Woohoo!
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