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All my biking goals accomplished (for this year)!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

It was snowing. The temperature was 29 degrees. The wind was 22 MPH . I was out riding anyway.
Today I rode 15 miles and accomplished the last of the goals I had set for myself for the (short) North Dakota biking season.
This is a list of the goals I worked on this year:
1. Buy a bike and start riding again after nearly 40 years. Got a new Trek Navigator 2 in January. Then I had to just look at it until the snow was gone in April.

2. Start a biking routine and see if my knee would take it. I did, and it did although I could hardly walk some days when I got off the bike.

3. Ride 500 miles before I had my replacement surgery. Done on June 16 (the day before I went in for the new knee).

4. Order another bike. Done a week after my surgery.

5. Start over on the new bike. Started riding my new Trek FX3 on August 23.

6. Ride 60 miles on the day before my 60th birthday. Done on October 22.

7. Ride 500 miles on the newest bike for a total of 1000 miles this year. Done TODAY!!!!!!!!!

This isn't meant to be a "brag session". I just wanted to get it all down to show what can be done with a little hard work and desire to improve.
In May of 2009, when I stumbled onto SparkPeople, I weighed 320 pounds and could not even walk around the block, much less think of riding a bike for even a few miles. Now my weight is hovering in the 160 - 165 range and I am in good shape for the first time since I was playing sports in high school and college.

I am pretty pleased with myself today, but by tomorrow I expect to have come up with some new way to challenge myself. That seems to be what it takes for me - new goals and new things I have never tried before. There is nothing like a good challenge and finding somebody to tell me I can't do it. I just say, "don't tell me that until I'm finished"!!!!
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