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what can I do - I live to work not work to live

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I have lost 4stone. Yes might be by using something to start with, but since June I have not used anything. I have tried to eat healthy and doing very well. I have put half a stone back on, then I lose it and put it back on again.

I am a person that likes to be busy, I eat becasue I am bored. So what shall I do??? anyone got any ideas??

I also like to nibble ... but what?? I am also a person who when I know there is something to eat in the house - then I need to eat it and I also need to finish no matter what size packet

Any idea of how I can control this? Even going on the very strict diet - which I may add I stuck too, it as not got me out of that habit

Anyone any suggestions

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    Thanks Joy, for taking time to write to me. I can see some good ideas for snacking. I too do not have stuff in the house, but if I have to go near the shops on the way home from work I will buy 'several' items to eat before my tea, disgusting really. I suppose I can find things to do, but 'can't be bothered'. I must get out of this mind set. I don't know how to start. For example, I want to learn the hula hoop, but i only do it for 10 mins - but I want to learn - and it seems I do not want to put in the work!!
    I am going to try and be different next week, organise my life differently.
    Thanks xx
    3025 days ago
    Don't diet! Learn a new way to eat; forever!
    --Plan your days; plan your exercise; plan your meals. Keep busy! I use lists; there's always something to do!

    --I am a grazer so I only keep things in the house that are safe to graze on. If it's nibbling I need; I've learned that carrot sticks or an apple work well.

    --I've never eaten a whole bag of pretzels; so that's the snack I keep around for the grandkids and myself. Chips, crackers, cookies; they talk to me and like you, if I start I will finish the package. So, I don't keep them in the house. Good bread, I keep frozen to have occasionally. Desserts, I have out.

    That said, I know it's a lot harder when you live with someone! When I did, it helped to identify those troublesome foods as "theirs". Yes, it's a mind game and won't always work but it did help me. The flip side is I always have foods that I LIKE available. I will not be hungry! My ice cream substitute is partially thawed frozen blueberries. Air popped popcorn lightly sprayed with olive oil is a favored evening snack. Greek Yogurt, hard cooked eggs, fruit and veggies have become favored foods. I eat very few processed foods; one of the reasons you can't stop once you start is that they are NOT satisfying. Doing hand work is a good deterent to snacking. Writing things down BEFORE you eat them helps curb "mindless" eating--for me, the real enemy! Hope this helps. Take what you like and leave the rest. Be well. Joy
    3027 days ago
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