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Hamburg ahead - let's plan (with update)

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I have a 1.5 day trip ahead to Hamburg, Germany.
I was doing well lately on trips, but my experience is that it still works better if I plan ahead.

So my goals:

1. Eat at office before leaving. This way I am not hungry at the airport and avoid avoid the fast food.

2. Plain water to drink on the plane.
This is hard to resist with all the wine and nice drinks on offer. Before, I used to ask for cola light, but then the caffeine has effect for the night's sleep. So, I came back to plain old good transparent water. At least, no brainwork to choose.

On the plane, I eat the sandwich/candy offered, but track it beforehand.
This is to ease things, and not to be too hard on myself. When everybody is eating around, and the smell there, I don't want to expend to much energy for little effect. I invest it for healthy choice later, when I have more control, and bigger effect.

3. Take the stairs, go on foot when possible (vs. elevator).

4. Buy fruits and salads for dinner in a supermarket at the airport, or if not possible, before swimming.

5. Look up a swimming pool instead of dining out.
This will be a new way to explore the city, and learn something about Germany, and life in the North.
And my exercise for the day will taken care of.

6. Five goals is enough! ;-)

This is on my office wall.
I inherited from the colleague who was sitting here before me. I just become aware how nice heritage it is.
Makes me look at healthy food each time I turn my head to the right.

Update on Tuesday night:
1. I left the office with a healthy meal. So I was safe at the airports.

2. I asked for water on both flights, on the first one we got some small cake with macadamia nuts. I was already prepared for it, and as it was already budgeted in my nutrition tracker, there were no side feelings, just enjoyment.

3. My step counter is at 7766. I did my best, with 60 minutes power-walking, but it looks like without running it will stay below 10000 steps today.

4. At the airport, I bought 1kg of banana, cabbage salad, melon, and tomatoes, good for this week challenge.

5. I had a good swim in Alster Hallendbad in Hamburg.
50m, open until 23:00 in the evening. Lots of sporty people still at 21:30, almost full. German precision and organisation, separate area for "Tempo" swimmers (faster), also the swimming direction was indicated.
They also have free-to-show up triathlon training in the pool. There are fixed times when the rainers are there, and who ever wants, can join in. That is awesome! Here's the timetable: www.baederland.de

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