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Today is an UP day!

Friday, November 04, 2011

This has been an UP week for me. Not that my problems disappeared..or I have a solution to them...but I have ideas (thinking outside the box) and I'm feeling strong again (after my breakdown last week...guess I need those to put things in perspective.)

I realize that life's problems are what they are. I have a choice.....I can give in and stop fighting...feel sorry for myself all the time... cry and become a total wimp.... OR, I can have my wimp moment, regain my strength, and move forward. i CHOOSE to move forward. And I'm going to DO IT in a healthy body. Life is about choices...... some we really have no choice except to deal with them head on or LOSE. I'm not a loser!!! For years I felt I was which is probably why I stuffed my feelings down with a lot of "not so healthy" foods....and I didn't move my body enough. .... and I gained weight.... what a surprise! NOT!!!! I realize now where my bad habits led me. I can blame my circumstances. I can have my "pity" party. But in the end...I made the choice to be unhealthy. It WAS my choice. Given that I know now that it is ALSO MY CHOICE to be healthy! And I CHOOSE to be healthy. I try to eat right... yep...I'm not always successful at this but I'm pretty good. I mostly make good choices when I'm fueling my body. And I'm not perfect...so sometimes my choices are not the best....but I'm a work in progress.
I try to exercise as much as I can .........yes... I get lazy and have to push myself but then after I exercise I feel so much better.

I've discovered that this "weight loss" thing is about so much more. To me it's about loving yourself enough to put YOU first in your list of priorities. How can you be your best for others if you are not taking care of yourself? And..... maybe, just maybe, I should be more concerned about ME. It's not my responsibility to take care of others....I am responsible for only me. Other people have choices...they can choice not to depend on ME. Unless they are very young and don't have the skills, or very old and have health issues where they NEED me to do for them (these situations I can accept as being valid reasons why people would depend on me... and I'm more than willing to help).... but most people, grown up people, in the best of health (maybe not mental health..lolol)... they can take care of themselves... and I'm going to take care of ME! Granted, if someone really NEEDS me I will be there for them but right now... I have to put myself first. I ramble so. I guess once I start writing the floodgates open and all the thoughts in my mind come rushing out.
Anyway...today is an up day and it's been an up week for me. I will move past all that is going on in my life and I will do it without resorting to "comfort food" to help me through. I will not have a major plate of mashed potatoes, or an oversized helping of macaroni and cheese. Nor will I indulge in brownies, cupcakes, cake, potato chips and dip, cookies, fried chicken, nachos or any of the other foods I used to sedate me in the past. I love my body and I will feed it healthy foods, exercise it so my muscles and bones remain strong and admire it (yes, I'm being vain here) in the mirror when I'm wearing clinging clothes that show my shapeliness.
I'm going to have a great weekend. I wish you a fabulous weekend as well!

Keep Sparkin'....it works!
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    You GO GIRL!! Loved reading your "UP" blog... and you are right - we are worth it an it's all about choices! Staying positive and moving forward is the only way!
    3311 days ago
    Love your blog! Love reading about your growth. Have a great weekend yourself!
    3311 days ago
    3311 days ago
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