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The end is near...

Monday, October 31, 2011

The end of the year is right around the corner and I’m trying, like many people, not to start next year with my fitness tracker in the same place as it was at the end of last year. Tomorrow starts the seemingly endless season of pot-luck lunches and dinners, office parties, and over-flowing candy bowls and I’ve got to implement my game plan to make sure I don’t fall victim to that crap yet again. So…here’s the plan:
November marks the beginning of my half-marathon training and I need to focus on that every day.
- Log every fitness minute
- Get back to logging my calorie intake
- Continue to CrossFit (3 on-1 off) to supplement training for the Half
- Continue to take progress pictures because cookies will show…
- Take starting measurements and re-measure every two weeks
In December I need to step it up to make it through the parties.
- Make smarter food choices at the parties and look for fruit and veggie trays
- Limit my time at parties to an hour so I don’t hang out and eat when I’m not hungry
- Keep doing the things that I started in November
- Re-introduce myself to the bathroom scale
January should be easier since the feasts will be over so…
- Keep the momentum going with the same CrossFit routine and longer training runs
- Take weight and measurements weekly
- Adjust calorie intake for the increased activity
- Take more progress pictures and post them to Spark…because I know that Tim will give me hell if he can tell that I’ve been slacking off.
We’ll see what happens … I’m determined to break the gain-lose cycle this year and never go back.

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