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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I am hurt. And, so so sad about it!

Its my right leg still. I woke up to the pain shooting to my knee again. I wasnt limping around but it was there all day. Came up to the room after work, and it HURT to take my shoe off (i dont untie it, i usually slip it off) OUCH!

Iced it, was feeling better, so I went down to work out (really didnt wanna break my streak either) ran for 5 minutes, was okay. Went faster...fine. Then, slowed down and BAM! pain. BAD. Couldnt speed up again to run. So alternated between the elliptical and walking, only burned 250 calories and was SO bummed. Limped to the elevator and got into my room.

I heard about the "pyramid 10" workout, so i thought id try that for some strength and cardio mix. You do one squat then 10 pushups. Then 2 squats and 9 pushups, etc. until you get to 10 squats and 1 pushup. Anyway, tried doing a pushup and even that sent my leg into agonizing pain.

Tried gettin my shoe off again and almost yelled out in pain. Now its at the point where I have that shooting pain anytime I lift my foot even a little bit off the ground. WHAT THE HECK?!?!?! Has anyone else ever had this issue or heard about this? The pain is on the inner side of my knee and sometimes shoots all the way up to my hip.

Its makin me super sad, and I'm hurting. Bad.

In positive news, I am on track calorie wise. I'm about to head out for my starbucks, and then will get all cozy again in the hotel..

Tomorrow, we have to see patients, and then ill be making the drive back to the home..I'd love to workout tomorrow after I get back, if I'm not limping, ill do the elliptical and if im still hurtin, maybe ill attempt to swim.

Love you guys!
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    Inner knee up to hip is most likely IT band. It could be tight from said streak... I would try massaging it (your quad area) a bit and do you have a foam roller? if not try a rolling pin to rub the area down.

    I've never had anything that intense, but I did have the bad pain in the sides of my knee during runs and that's what led me to the IT band conclusion.

    Rest days are necessary, so don't feel you have to push it if you don't have any relief tonight.
    3035 days ago
    I think it might be time to see a doctor and get your leg checked out. Don't want it to get any worse. I need you in Vegas!!!! Good to see your eating is still spot on.
    3035 days ago
    emoticon I am so sorry you are injured - please go see a doctor or rest
    3035 days ago
    I agree with Gnsattelmaier...call your uncle during your drive home.
    3035 days ago
    OUCH!!! That sounds horrible. I hope you get better soon. I agree that it should be looked at by a doctor. Sounds like it could be something serious and you would not want to do more damage. Good luck! Let us know how you are doing.

    3035 days ago
    Have you had a doctor look at it? That much pain could be something very serious. I would have it checked out before exercising on it again, because you could make it worse.
    3035 days ago
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