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November 1st Challenge. 10/25 Results!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I am finding that it is much easier to copy/paste my blog to here but the photos are not working from blogger to spark - so here is a link to my blog.......


If you are on FB, you can find me there - the name is - Jen's Journey. I have tons of food pics there as well.

My Workout for today : 15 miles on the Lemond - 45:09 forgot to check my final ARPM...last I checked before stopping it was 89 but that was before my last climb.

2 min push up challenge day 2. Yesterday I did my first 2 min push challenge but I did not know we were not supposed to rest out of the upper plank position. You MUST hold the military or upper plank pushup position while taking a break from your sets. My number was much lower than yesterdays, which was 64. Today I did 51 military push ups in 1:25 mins then my arms broke to the ground so the count ended. I love this exercise and I cannot wait to see how I improve my 2 min score by December 17th which is when the final numbers are due.

After my bike ride and the 51 push ups I did a quick TRX, Medicine ball and DB workout with a few core exercises and of course more military push ups!

TRX Bicep curl - 30 reps
TRX Back Row - 30 reps
TRX Tricep extension - 30 reps
TRX Back fly - 30 reps
Push ups - 100 reps reps all military
Side planks - 30 reps
Balance Ball Bridge - 30 reps
Reverse V leg raise or reverse scissors on balance ball - 30 reps
Standing fire hydrants - 30 reps for each leg
Medicine ball chops - 30 reps with 10 lb MB
Side MB chops - 30 reps with 10 lb MB
DB Bicep curl pyramid - 90 reps total - 30 reps of each weight set
20 lb DB's
8 lb DB's
10 lb DB's ...while walking up stairs...ha!

New Totals for our November 1st Challenge -

Jen - Miles - 29.17/100
Push ups - 321/1,000

Micah - Miles - 22.14/100
Push ups - 322/1,000
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