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15 week ultrasound photos! Sorry just getting to sharing on here.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The women we went to for early gender US was amazing! she worked with us for over an hour! Let me get up and walk and go potty to get Lucas moving! I even through in some jumping jacks! lol We got over 75 photos on disk..10 print outs and a 15 min dvd I posted on utube!

He's a boy! :)

U can see his facial features and leg bent the lighter part is his bone showing on the inside!

Lucas waving to us!

He was smiling at us!

There he is u guys! Lucas at 15 weeks. Tech said he was measuring more like 16 weeks..Cant wait till 10-26th I get another Ultrasound at reg docs office! :) I'll post and share those too..if I remember! lol

And this lil guy has been partying in there! I've been feeling him since 13 weeks and it just gets stronger! I'm 17 weeks now and I can feel him rolling and pushing! I love love love it!
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