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Blisters are NOT very friendly!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

I began my journey to a healthier lifestyle a little over a year ago and I decided to begin by walking as my primary mode of exercise. I've been doing well by building consistency and increasing the amount of activity I engage in.

Within the last two months, I decided to try to increase how much I was walking. I purchased new sneakers about two months ago and all was going fairly well for awhile. Since I purchased the new shoes, I began to notice some subtle changes in the way my feet felt when I walked. I noticed the formation of blisters on the fleshy portion of the soles of both of my feet that were fairly large (about the size of a nickel). This is not the first time I replaced sneakers with new ones but it's the first time I've seen blisters this large. I'm still not sure why this is happening but it is discouraging.

Today, I decided to purchase a new pair hoping that a different brand might be the answer. I took along a pair of my own socks (since all the store has is the thin nylons) and my orthotic inserts (which I've been walking with for almost 2 years). I spoke with one of the employees to get some input on what to look for. She explained that one possibility could be that the brand I chose was not working well with my body. She thought that maybe once the soles conformed to the shape of my feet (and my orthotic inserts) that it's possible the shoes were no longer providing the support that I needed. She suggested looking for shoes made by Nike, Asics, or Reebok which typically are made with more padding and thicker soles.

Based upon her suggestions, I searched for a pair of shoes that I liked. I put on my socks and inserted my orthotics into the shoes to see how they would feel on my feet. I then walked around the store for several minutes to determine how well I liked my choice. I liked the way the shoes felt while in the store so I decided to purchase them. Hopefully, this will have been the culprit of my woes.

By no means am I saying that the shoes I purchased two months ago were the root of the blister problem. I was dumbfounded because the blisters were not on the back of my feet where they typically form when new shoes are worn. They only formed on the fleshy portion of both of my feet (up near my toes) and only seemed to begin forming within the last couple of weeks. I do have orthotics, but I've been wearing them for at least two years with no blister problems. I tried to walk without them but that was a mistake. My feet did not hurt quite as much but then pain would shoot up my legs when I walked.

I usually tend to lean towards Nike because I haven't had issues with them. However, I chose a pair of Reeboks today and we'll see how it goes.
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    I vote for the runner store too! Shoe fit is critical...I walk LOTS and blisters are a real problem. I also wear orthotics and buy additional full sole inserts for every new pair of shoes.

    Another idea for long walks: Body Glide (or just vaseline) over your whole foot before you put on the socks and shoes

    Good luck - don't give up! Walking is one of the best exercises!
    3487 days ago
    I'm sorry you are having trouble with blisters. I had the exact same problem and finally went to a running store for help. (I am a walker, too.) After the employee watched me walk on a treadmill, he then measured my feet. I was wearing shoes that were too small! I was shocked, because my shoes were the same size I had been wearing for years. Changing the shoe size took care of the blister problem. The other thing that can help is wearing very absorbent socks. The socks that wick moisture work the best. Any moisture will cause friction which can create blisters. I hope you find a solution that works. Blisters are painful.
    3488 days ago
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