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Monday, October 17, 2011

Ah, running. It's a love/hate relationship. I've never enjoyed it. It's so much work, it makes it hard to breathe and I can never run as long or as fast as I want. But as much as I hate it, I know it's the one thing that will get me in shape. It's the one thing that gives quick results. I've ran before and I dropped about 20 lbs in a few short months. I made a decision a couple months ago to start running at least three times a week. At first, every minute was a struggle. Five minutes on the treadmill ended in being short of breath, a dry throat and some coughing. I kept at it though, knowing that eventually my body had to adapt, had to become stronger. Then I noticed something a couple weeks ago. I think...I think I'm starting to actually ENJOY it! It first happened one day when I left work and it was beautiful outside (a nice change from our 100+(F) weather this summer). All I wanted to do was get the dog and head outside for a jog. ME? WANTING to jog? You're crazy..... Then, just last week my husband and I got into an argument. My reaction was to turn to the treadmill. WHAT?! I absolutely could not believe how much better I felt after a little jog on it. My mood took an instant 180. It was then that my suspicions were confirmed. I LIKE running. Maybe I don't find pounding away at the pavement, step after step to be all that enjoyable. But I love what it does for me. I love seeing results on the scale and I love how great it makes me feel....even if I can only run 15-20 minutes at a time.

With all this running I should be dropping lots of weight right? Yes... and no. I did at first (7lbs-ish) and then I went out of state to a friends wedding. I wasn't very behaved. Lots of eating out, lots of drinking and I put most of it back on. I'm not beating myself up over it though, I wouldn't change a thing. The weight is coming back off again so that's what matters.

Now let's talk about the other side of this equation. The food. Ohhhhh the food. I love food, a lot. I turn to it for comfort, for celebration, for boredom. I'm not tracking what I eat. I just can't make myself. I don't know if it's that I don't want to face reality, am lazy or don't want to have to change my eating habits. For now I'm fine with it. I know I should track, I know it'd help me lose more weight faster. Currently I'm active though so I'm focusing on one thing at a time. Once this is more of a habit then I'll start making myself log everything.

I'm going to try and be down 15-20 pounds by christmas. At the end of February my husband and I are taking vacation for our 2nd anniversary. I'd like to be much closer to wearing a bikini by then. I'm not confident that it'll happen, but it'd be nice. But then again, maybe if I started tracking my food....
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  • no profile photo FLUFFYWONKENOBE
    I do that too, with the tracking - it's like if I don't record it I can pretend it didn't happen??? I've found that I'm only successful when I'm consistently tracking my nutrition.

    I salute you on the running thing . . . I've tried it several times but running just isn't for me. I understand what you say about how it makes you feel, though. When I'm working out regularly I feel so much stronger, healthier, and have so much more energy . . . why then is it so hard to get myself motivated to do it??

    Keep up the good work!
    2975 days ago
  • SNOOPY176
    2977 days ago
  • no profile photo TBRANTNER3
    haha - yes, you'll be surprised at the calorie count and where you can cut without missing anything. good for you on the running!
    2978 days ago
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