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10 lbs without trying

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I am thankful to my doctor who said I was pre-diabetic and gave me my new way of eating. I am following his regimen - and the results are obvious. Actually I lost 16 lbs, because in the beginning I started out at 268 - and I am not 252 lbs.

For months now, I have looked at the little 260 lbs tick mark on the scale. I was ecstatic when the needle was below it, and upset if the needle crept up above it.

This morning, I was devastated! The needle was two pounds above! OMG ... I knew I had eaten only veggies and fruits and protein ... it could not be ... and then a smile spread across my face, because I realized, the tick mark was for 250, not 260 LOL ...

Incredible. However - my blood sugar has not budged. I hav enot eaten any apparent sugar, other than my cherries and grapes, strawberries, blueberries (1 cup with lunch and dinner) ... I proportioned the veggies as double than the meat - and no breads ... no carbs, no grains...

Oh well - I am hoping that it will happen as I get down in weight. I LOVE this way of eating... I LOVE veggies, so that is what I cook most for dinner. Brussel sprouts, spinach, carrots ... jus tnot my beloved corn :( ... but it's okay, really, because I enjoy eating and losing weight :) I count no calories, I count no carbs - I just eat waht the doctor ordered. Hi-Carb or starch means don't eat... it is so simple!
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