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Stressful morning

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I am not a stress eater. I dont find comfort from stress by overeating or eating a ton of bad food. I will overeat simply by just enojying the taste of something too much and forget to watch my portions, like with Rocky Road ice cream. But stress does affect my ability to better myself by killing my desire to work out or to accomplish a task after work that I have to do like grocery shopping or walking the dog. When I get too stressed I go into hideout mode. I sulk and don't want to do anything, when really if I get up and out doing something I could focus my attention on that instead of my anger and stress. So one of my goals is that if I get overly stressed at work in the morning, like today, I will take a walk at lunch to refocus or simply get off my butt and do the task I was meant to do that day no matter how badly I wont want to.

My stress this morning is a coworker who assumes that me "helping" him with his work means when I finish one thing I can just complete all the work on his desk that day. He doesnt bother to ask me what I have planned or if I have something to do. He just assumes I want to do all his work. When in reality I have to work on another job of his because he was "too busy" to work on it. You get one or the other, not both. I dont like being walked on. I am not beneath him, we are equals in our job requirements. And if i ever have a moment (rare) where I need him to do something for me he huffs and puffs and throws a tantrum because he's "busy". A good example is Monday when my computer was crashing all day. The work had to be directed to him because I was unable to complete it. Instead of just helping out and being understanding, he throws his little attitude. But I cant control who he is or how he acts. I can only control myself. So instead of yelling or fighting with him today about donig all his work, I will do one thing and then I will tell him I am busy. I will go for a walk at lunch to re-group and exercise. If he needs something done this week then he is going to have to stay late. It's simply not my responsibility to do his job.
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    I like that :) and thank you! It is gorgoues outside. Basically, I finished the drawing and gave it back to him. As I walked away he said he had more for me to do. I told him I am busy and cannot assist him. I am not his assistant or an intern. I am a designer, I work for the engineers...not other designers. He just takes advantage of peoples help and kindness when it comes to work. I am a nice person and I love to help others but I have limits and he just pushed them today. And I dont believe he does it on purpose, or at least thats what i like to think
    3202 days ago
    You are 100% correct -- it is NOT your responsibility!! One of my favorite lines when someone is taking advantage of my kindness is to say, "I owe you an apology." Then, when that person looks at me puzzled, I continue, "I owe you an apology because apparently I've given you the impression that I'm OK with X/Y &Z, when in fact that is not the case. That doesn't work for me and now that you know that, I'd appreciate it if that doesn't happen anymore."

    Enjoy that walk -- it's a beautiful day!
    3202 days ago
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