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165 Things

Monday, October 03, 2011

In honor of losing 165 pounds I decided to make a list of 165 things that have helped me along the way:

1. I go to bed early so that I can exercise before work.
2. I own more pairs of workout clothes than regular clothes.
3. I plan out my exercise for the week around my work schedule.
4. I run close to 10 miles a week.
5. I kick box.
6. I box.
7. I swim.
8. I step.
9. I do yoga.
10. I surround myself with other people interested in fitness.
11. I keep going in group fitness classes. (Even when I am facing the wrong direction!)
12. I look for fitness activities while on vacation.
13. I work out, even when I don’t want to.
14. I park farther away from the store.
15. I spend money on fitness equipment.
16. I set fitness goals.
17. I talk with my kids about making healthy food and fitness choices.
18. I share with others about my challenges.
19. I ask for help.
20. I look for opportunities to support others in their goals.
21. I celebrate my success.
22. I weigh myself daily, but not obsessively.
23. I use measurements to track my progress.
24. I eat veggies at almost every meal.
25. I plan my meals out the day ahead.
26. I pack healthy snacks when I go on trips.
27. I keep healthy snacks at work.
28. I snack when I’m hungry.
29. I savor treats.
30. I know that treats aren’t to be consumed all day long.
31. I don’t deprive myself.
32. I measure my portions.
33. I tracked my food for 2 years.
34. I use my heart rate monitor to track my calorie burn.
35. I track my food when I start to put on a little weight.
36. I don’t get stressed out over a few pounds of fluid retention.
37. I look for low sodium versions of food.
38. I look for the “light” section of the menu when I go out to eat.
39. I make specific requests from the cook when I am dining out.
40. I go online and use nutrition info to plan my restaurant food.
41. I take the stairs instead of the elevator.
42. I eat breakfast.
43. I changed my Starbucks drink to save 300 calories at a time.
44. I drink 8 glasses of water a day.
45. I skip the cheese on my Subway sandwich.
46. I make protein shakes when I am hungry, but short on time.
47. I don’t buy foods that I know will lead to a binge. (hello Nutella!!!)
48. I no longer buy candy in bulk.
49. I buy an occasional candy bar, just one- not a pack.
50. I eat Greek yogurt to help meet my protein goals.
51. I keep a water bottle at my desk.
52. I get up from the table after one serving.
53. I plan healthy, late night snacks.
54. I eat light if I know that I am having a heavy dinner.
55. I eat slowly.
56. I look for clothes that make me feel good.
57. I take the time to shop for great produce.
58. I try new foods.
59. I buy good running shoes.
60. I eat frozen instead of canned veggies.
61. I buy Franz bread- less sodium, more fiber!
62. I eat one piece of pizza with a huge salad.
63. I know that chips are not an entrée.
64. I no longer eat school lunches.
65. I use Laughing cow cheese wedges as a dip alternative for veggies.
66. I use egg whites to make veggie omelets.
67. I get annual check-ups.
68. I see a massage therapist.
69. I go to the chiropractor.
70. I listen to my body.
71. I push my body.
72. I recognize my limitations.
73. I don’t make excuses for my limitations.
74. I look for ways to improve my performance.
75. I love it when sweat drips down my face.
76. I cross and uncross my legs to remind myself how good it feels.
77. I get 8 hours of sleep a night.
78. I have a subscription to Runner’s World.
79. I give my children opportunities to be involved in sports.
80. I don’t use food to celebrate my success.
81. I make mistakes and am able to start over again.
82. I bring healthy dishes to potlucks.
83. I eat 6 times a day.
84. I stop eating when I am full.
85. I read blogs about healthy living.
86. I talk with others about their goals.
87. I stretch.
88. I change up my exercise when I get bored.
89. I added a riser to my step.
90. I use sugar free creamer.
91. I never give up. (For any real length of time…)
92. I know that there are no quick fixes.
93. I eat Fiber One bars when I’m on the run- yum!
94. I stay out of the staff room when I know that there are snacks out.
95. I enjoy my food.
96. I get that the Biggest Loser is not reality.
97. I love reading about other people’s weight loss success stories.
98. I visit SparkPeople on a regular basis.
99. I am OK with not being skinny.
100. I get excited about a new exercise routine.
101. I get sad when I have to miss a workout.
102. I own leg warmers and gloves so that I can still run when it’s cold.
103. I eat cake at a birthday party.
104. I think about the impact a choice will have on my health.
105. I take a multi-vitamin.
106. I floss.
107. I walk instead of drive.
108. I visit Farmer’s Markets.
109. I eat fresh whenever possible.
110. I bought a rice cooker and actually use it to cook brown rice.
111. I know that it’s not about being skinny.
112. I remember what it was like to be morbidly obese.
113. I compare pictures.
114. I like what I see in the mirror.
115. I accept compliments (still working on this one…)
116. I chart my progress.
117. I split my Fair food with hubby.
118. I take risks.
119. I set realistic goals.
120. I take the advice of others who have been in my shoes.
121. I modify moves during an exercise class if I can’t do what the instructor suggests.
122. I recognize that my weight loss is a combination of both nutrition and exercise.
123. I believe that you need different shoes for different exercises.
124. I bring leftover sweets to work so that I don’t eat them at home.
125. I choose grilled over fried.
126. I order the mini-meals when I have to eat at McDonalds.
127. I don’t worry about saving my “fat clothes” for when I gain back the weight.
128. I feel gross when I overeat.
129. I laugh at myself.
130. I appreciate a rest day.
131. I understand that food if fuel and can’t be valued as good or bad.
132. I make food from scratch. (This is huge is you knew me before!)
133. I planted a garden.
134. I keep a bag of lettuce in my fridge.
135. I get excited about new fruits being in season.
136. I run up stairs when no one is looking.
137. I value each pound that I lose.
138. I dance in dressing rooms when I fit into a smaller size.
139. I share on Facebook about meeting goals.
140. I tell people probably more than they need to know to keep myself accountable.
141. I laugh at commercials for weight loss product. They DO NOT work for long term success!
142. I respect the fact that people need to make their own choices when it comes to living healthy.
143. I am committed to not using diet aids to speed up weight loss.
144. I expect more from my body.
145. I read books about weight loss struggles and successes.
146. I surround myself with people that will keep me accountable.
147. I have an amazing support system.
148. I watch the Olympics in awe of what their bodies can do.
149. I firmly believe that I am more than my previous weight.
150. I spend more to get higher quality food.
151. I ask for fitness gifts for my birthday and Christmas.
152. I own a great digital food scale.
153. I buy pre-portioned desserts.
154. I allow myself to be vulnerable.
155. I am honest about my past weight.
156. I am proud of how far I’ve come.
157. I love how I feel in my own skin.
158. I no longer use food to make me feel better.
159. I eat veggies that two years ago I had never touched. (This one’s for you, Lynn!)
160. I look people in the eye.
161. I stand up straighter.
162. I look forward to seeing long lost friends.
163. I no longer wait until I am a size such-and-such to do what I want to do.
164. I appreciate the new bones that I’ve discover since losing weight. (HELLO collar bones!)
165. I wake up each morning and do it all again. :)
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