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If your not living... your dying...

Monday, October 03, 2011

Aug of 2010 I joined SP in the hopes of getting healthy.... I took a journey and gave up... tried again... gave up... gained even more! On the eve of my 35th Bday (Aug 17 2011) I looked in the mirror and realized... I am not living I am dying!

At 5 feet tall... 272 pounds is alot to carry on such a small frame!!

So I quietly rejoined the ranks of SP... and waited to see how much momentum I could muster up... I was afraid to say... HEY SP IM BACK!... for fear I would just quit again!!!

But here I am 6 weeks later... 16 pounds lighter... and still gaining momentum!!! My moods have improved... I am happier... more optimistic... I have more energy... and finally feel like I am going in the right direction!!!

I am eating better... exercising more... and found some fantastic supplements that make me feel like wonder woman!!

It just seems like everything has finally clicked!!!

Im happy to say IM LIVING!!! And I cant wait to see where this journey takes me!!


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