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Weather REALLY does make a difference!!!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

The weather man has been promising the first cold front of the year all week. He has been teasing us with temps in the 40's during the early morning hours this weekend. Those of us who have lived pre-Doppler radar and all the other fancy technology know that weathermen are all too often incorrect in their forecasts.

Nevertheless, when I woke up at 6:15 this morning sans alarm, I decided to lace up my shoes and head out the door. I WAS NOT encouraged when I heard the air conditioner kick in, but I decided I was dressed and ready, I might as well head out the door.

Once I got outside I was pleasantly surprised. It was cool outside and there was an awesome breeze. I kept changing my mind about what route I would run this morning. I considered re-running the route I took for my 5K and several other options. Finally I decided to go a route that I knew was 5-6 miles total. I did not have the intention of running the whole thing, I figured I would run for 45 minutes and then walk the balance. (Typically, it has taken everything in me to exceed 30 minutes of running, but I want to be accustomed to running 45 minutes before I run the 5K later this month).

The run was incredible! I maintained a good pace, and after a 5 min warm up, I was able to go without stopping or walking for the next 31 minutes (I estimated I had run 3 miles at that point and walked for a couple minutes so I could drink water more easily. When I mapped it I had in fact run 2.75 mi). After walking and drinking a cup of water, I decided I still had an energy reserve so I again began to jog. I ran for an additional 26 minutes and started feeling spent. I ran a minute longer pushing mysef as if it were the end of a race so that it would be easier to map (I discovered tha at 58 minutes I was at the 3.8 mile mark. Again after drinking water and walking a few minutes I decided to kick it into gear again. I was pleased with the fact that I made the distance I had without falling out...last time I had a really bad run I had run this route...so I was just trying to see how far I could go and stick with it! When I got near the 5 mile mark I considered walking the balance of the way. Fortunately, the right song came up on the mp3 player and I was motivated to push to the end.

I got back from the run about twenty minutes ago and came in to map my route, check the temp and all that fun stuff. I was very pleasantly surprised. I had run 5.9 miles in 83 minutes maintaining a 14 minute mile pace. The weather made a WORLD of difference, it was Temp 66 Heat Index 66 Humidity 57% 9 mph winds AWESOME weather!!!

So, now I know weather REALLY does make a difference and it was NOT something Tonia,, my trainer, was telling me just to make me feel better.
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