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Twenty Miles in Three Days...Monday Morning Run...Consistency...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

True that! It was not a typo when I made that note in yesterday's revisited blog.

On Friday I completed the 5K Your Way Training. As the last item in the program I ran 5K after a five minute warm-up. I did not want to run laps or anything like that so I chose to run down a highway near my home. Of course, once I reached the end of the 5K run I had to turn around and come home! I ran the 5K in 46 minutes and followed it with a 4.4 mile walk home. Thus the first 7.5 miles.

Saturday was a "light day." I purposely took it easy all day. However, around 10p.m. I got frustrated with a situation at the house and decided to go walk/run it off. So, I went for a walk and after 55 minutes or so had walked 3.5 miles! In fact, that is a typical walk for me.

Sunday morning I did not have money to put gas in my car and I wanted to go to church. I live 14 plus miles from church. A few people from church live in the same area I do so I figured if I headed out on foot, someone would see me and give me a ride. I guess I got a later start than everyone else. I walked the first four miles or so and reached a convenience store. I went in to try to refill my water bottle, but the drink machine was out of order. While there a couple guys asked where I was walking from and to. When I told them, they offered me a ride into town, which I accepted. Their kindness saved me five miles of the journey.

They dropped me off at a convenience store (whose drink machine did not have a water option!!!) and I headed the rest of the way to church. I ended up walking 5 miles that stretch. I wish I could say that the walk went well. Unfortunately having no money and running out of water left me WIPED OUT. I was approaching the church as the parking lot was emptying! The good thing is that my trainer goes to the same church as I do. When I got there, I was extremely overheated, and my blood sugar was probably more than a little low. Tonia was concerned the minute she saw me and immediately got me a cup of OJ and some cold water. I perked up after about five minutes. I had missed the church service but I did get there in time to help with youth group, and then stayed over for the yoga class.

As I indicated before I kept falling off balance during class and couldn't figure out why. When I got home and realized I had a callous-like blister on the ball of my foot it all made perfect sense!

Monday morning I got out of bed and the LAST thing I wanted to do was walk/run anywhere. Nevertheless, two months ago I had made a commitment to myself to time myself running a mile every Monday. As a nod to consistency I decided to lace up my shoes and run the mile.

The blog that was lost in Cyber Space contained this run down of activity, I was just too frustrated to repeat it all after getting the white screen and no blog.

I think that yesterday's blog was lost because I closed the window...I am thinking that the time I have been white screened previously I must have clicked on the "Click Here" link as though I had forgotten my password. I'll have to keep it mind and hope that if I encounter the problem again I remember what I need to do so that I don't lose the blog!

I had not aspired to run more than a 10K but now I am considering the half marathon. Afterall, it would save me money on gas if I got used to hoofing it to church on a regular basis!!!

My one question is, how much water do you need to have with you if you are attempting to cover fifteen miles? I had 1.5 liters but that was not enough for 9. Any input???
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    22m, how AMAZING! On the water, I read somewhere that you need 8oz for every I think 30m you plan on exercising. Congratulations again on keeping consistant and not letting anything get you down.
    3035 days ago
    I am so inspired by your dedication and consistency. You are so awesome the way you just go and don't let minor hindrances like no money/no gas/14 miles to destination stop you. I don't think doing a half marathon is out of the question for you at all.
    3035 days ago
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