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They say the belly is the last to go...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Good grief Charlie Brown!!! This is me in April of this year. As you can see, my husband loves me no matter what. For that, I am grateful. I'm glad I don't have THAT hurdle to jump over.

Uhm, can I just say, thank God my tummy is getting smaller. I really looked pregnant. And several others thought so too, and were glad to congratulate me all to their dismay and embarrassment.

THANK GOD! The tummy is leaving.

I can't believe how big my stomach was. I borrowed my sister's dress and someone took a profile picture of me...whoa. It was way worse than I thought. If I had seen that photo and hadn't already started my weight loss journey, I would have sank into a depression. I probably wouldn't have worn the depression on my sleeve, but I'd retreat into it each night with a bag of sour cream and onion lays chips. The whole bag. Yes. Or some chili cheese fries. Something insane. Outrageous!


My belly is not gone. It's still hangin round - literally! But it's leaving workout by workout. Meal by meal, gallon of water, by gallon of water. I will not be denied!

So, I'm gonna keep sparkin and movin and lovin and groovin. Until that belly is GONE.

I'm so done being fat!!! emoticon

Thanks for reading my blog today!
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