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Monday Morning Mile Week 7; 5K Your Way Week 5 Day 1; and an extra 1.25 miles to boot!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yesterday was a crazy warn day in Central Florida.

As I said when I updated my status yesterday, the Monday Morning Mile for Week 7 was acceptable. I ran the mile in 13:52:59. I was going to continue for a longer run (To complete Week 5 Day 1) but realized wisdom of NOT doing that with no food in system and temp 86 heat index 94 humidity 66%. I intended to complete a longer run in the evening!!!

It was a dullish day for me yesterday and I was somewhat restless. Around 2:00pm I decided to try to complete the 30 minute run. It was hotter and more humid than my earlier attempt. I had eaten some lunch and felt like I could manage the run. About fifteen minutes into the run I realized I was too full and it was too hot!!! Is it starting to remind you of Goldilocks??? I completed the quarter mile run back to the house for a total of 1.25 miles in 17 minutes, then retreated back to my corner!

This time I contemplated waiting until today to do the run. After all, if I ran after dinner I would either miss Jeapordy, Wheel of Fortune, or the premiere of Season 13, DWTS!!! I decided that I wanted to stay on track and maintain some consistency in my workout routines. Thus, after WOF I laced up my shoes and headed out the door.

This time, for all intents and purposes, conditions were Just Right!!! It had been a while since I had eaten dinner, there was a slight breeze, it was thundering as if it might rain. I did a quick warm up and headed down the road. This time out I succeeded in running 2.25 miles in 30.5 minutes!

I did miss several of the dances on DWTS but I rested in the knowledge that they would re-air before the results show this evening!

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