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September 1st Goal

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Goal weight: 165
Actual weight: 166.2

Well, I'm still about a pound behind my goal. I can accept that though, considering I started the month a pound behind. This means I met the goal of 3 lbs. for the month, I just didn't make up the pound I fell short the previous month. Maybe this month I'll catch up!

What do I need to do to make that happen? Well, I know where I have room for improvement - tracking my food and getting in my exercise. Tracking my food definitely falls low on my daily priority list. I'll often do good through the first part of the day, but then once the husband and kids are home, I stop tracking for the day. This might mean dinner is bigger/higher calorie than intended or I might have dessert when I don't have the calories left to fit it in. When it comes to exercise, I'm making progress, but I'm not quite there yet. It's been absolutely insane around here trying to juggle schedules, but it's only about to get worse. So I can't let that get in my way. I've been trying to increase the intensity of my workouts, which is great, but sometimes I'm so sore that I can barely walk, let alone exercise, the next day or two. I'm hoping my body will adjust to that soon.

When it comes to stress, I think I'm taking it all in stride. That could change very soon. My husband just took on a part time job in addition to his full-time job. Financially, it's a necessity. He has A LOT of student loan debt, the debtors are calling, and we just don't have the leeway in our current budget to pay what they're asking for on a monthly basis. Finances are going to be even tighter than they have been, and schedules are going to be busier. He's likely going to be working an additional 20-25 hours per week, in evenings and on the weekends. This means I'm going to be the one doing most of the running around for the kids - picking E (our 14 year old son) up from football practice at 5:30 instead of C (my husband) getting him on the way home from work. Taking T (our 12 year old son) to football practice from 7:30-9. Going to E's football games alone on Thursday evenings. Going to T's football games alone on Saturdays. Taking T to a new class he's taking on Saturday mornings, an hour away from home. This pretty much means that I need to be done with my work by 5pm (I make my own schedule) so I can start running around, making dinner, etc. I'm not looking forward to this, because I already feel busy and like I don't have any ME time. But, what can I say? The loans need to be paid, they've already been consolidated for a lower interest rate, and any that can be deferred already are. I'm also worried about how this is going to affect my relationship with my husband - he leaves home at 7am to get to his full-time job, and on nights when he works his part-time job, he'll probably not get home until 11pm. ~SIGH~ This is going to be difficult. But, I'm going to use the stress as a REASON to exercise, not an EXCUSE not to.


October 1st Goal Weight: 162
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    You certainly have a lot to cope with and that causes stress But you sound positove and if you can work together on all aspects of this it will help a lot. Money probs are the worst thing for causing marital disputes. Its no ones fault it happened. Just try to eat as healthily as you can for now. Running round after the kids will count as exercise time.I wish I could wave magic wand But you know you have all the best wishes we can send on the team. Remember Sparks is free!! So are hugs! emoticon
    3610 days ago
  • ANNIE7205
    All I can say is that I wish you luck. You need to try to find some "me time" and hopefully you guys can still find some "couple time" even with the crazy schedules. It seems like I have my little hissy fits when I haven't had enough me time. It really is just as important as anything else. You can't take care of your family if you're not taking care of yourself. I know you know that, but sometimes I feel like I need permission to do that - not sure if you're the same.
    3610 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10470498
    Sounds like you are going to have a crazy schedule, but the benefits of less debt are worth it in the long run. Keeping yourself healthy is a great way to support your husband. If you are on track with your healthy lifestyle, then your home and family will be as well. Hope it all works out.
    3610 days ago
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