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I'm seriously about to hurt someone!

Friday, September 02, 2011

I have a 2 year old who is Potty training at daycare and home. They have started my lo in cloth underwear. Last night when we got home and I was changing her..i noticed her little white socks her yellow...and dry...I took her shoes off and was nearly knocked over at the ammonia smell coming from her shoes which told me that my baby had been standing inher own urine for hours..long enough for the socks to dry. This morning...the daycare has seen a side of this Momma that they could have never imagined as I am a quiet passive and personal person in most cases. The Director was very apologetic and now the owner of the day care is involved.I sat in my car and cried..I felt so helpless and guilty...I had never EVER had a problem with this day care until now and she has attended that school since she was a wee 9 weeks old...I didnt get to work until 9am..so all i have had at this point was a cup of coffee and no breakfast. I get to work to find out that i am not only double booked with appointments but have been triple booked and I have a class full of Nursing students going through orientation who will be coming to me for badge...what does that equal..CHAOS...by 11am I am badging students when two applicants approach. My co-worker is with a new hire and tells them to have a seat and that we would be with them in a moment. They ignore her and hover my desk so I politely ask them to be seated twice..only for them to turn around and say "I was just reading this you stupid ass" and walk off..I looked at my co-worker in shock and said "Did she just call me that?" when her friend (applicant # 2) turns around and says "Yeah she did you dumb ass bitch." I had to remind myself I was a professional because the back woods country girl wanted to snatch those bia's by the back of their hair...noon...still NO nurishment..worn down from crying...pissed I got cussed out by two ignorant women..and employee comes by to look for a co-worker who has someone inher office and one waiting...I tell her that and I get chewed out because she and my co-worker had been playing phone tag for the last 24 hours...I AM AT MY FREAKING BREAKING POINT...i told my boss "I AM LEAVING....and I am going to go sit somewhere quiet for a while..I may be gone an hour or two..I will clock out..Please know that if I dont ...you will be firing me today because I am about to lose my cool. He understood. 12:30pm rolls around and I am finally able to relax....I was starving..I wanted to go to Wendys soooo bad for a burger as I binge when I am upset but I did not...I DID however go to Taco Cabana and got 3 tiny tortilla soft tacos with tortilla and meat ONLY..wasnt horrible..I could have done worse..below all of my nutrition content for lunch except for Fat of course but I figured "Hell I didnt eat breakfast..so I ate it all..and I enjoyed it...so far this afternoon has been quiet..I am still fuming about this morning but I am hoping to get over it..I need to..the stress is no bueno for this girl.
I just may have a vodka and tonic when I get home..just may.
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  • no profile photo CD4286804
    That's appaling about daycare - did you complain? I hope people get fired over it.
    3092 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8002877
    OMG. I would have totally flipped out on every single person at that day care! I also have a two year old who is potty training, and if I thought for a second that his sitter had done something like that, well, there would be a new one ripped, if you know what I mean.

    But good for you for knowing when to walk away and for making good choices.
    3099 days ago
    Hey Girl, hang in there.....

    I am blown by the daycare thing and I don't have kids, but a similar experience with my dog and them not taking her out to use the restroom and she had to hold it for over 24 hours....not the same but as a mom majorly pissed.

    As for the 2 applicants, ummm I'm sorry, but as an applicant you don't have the job or position or whatever yet so you treat everyone with respect. I cannot believe people in our society today and how they treat people. That blows my mind. I have no idea what you do, but I wouldn't be giving them a good recommendation if they can't even control themselves in a simple situation.

    GOOD FOR YOU :) for taking time for yourself to regroup and to get away and pull yourself together and you know what, GOOD FOR YOU for not getting Wendy's. In the circumstances for food choices that you had, you made a good choice.

    Overall you did AWESOME :) keep your head up. The fact that you recognized all the signs, that you took time for yourself, means that you are growing :)

    PS - I TOTALLY WOULD HAVE DECKED each and every person today :) But that's just me lol

    3100 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8301081
    emoticon So sorry for the rough start to your day. I hope it got better.
    3100 days ago
    These were people that just started a NEW job???? Seriously???? If this is the type of people your companies hire....you need to start looking. emoticon
    3100 days ago
    I have worked in higher education for over 7 years now and I've noticed that the students' attitude, especially their lack of respect, has become increasingly worse.
    You did very well considering the kind of awful day you've had - hope tomorrow is a better day emoticon
    3100 days ago
    Aww sounds like you had a rough rough day. emoticon So glad you gave the school a piece of your mind though and honestly I would have given that applicant a piece of mine!!! Hoping that tomorrow will go much better for you.
    3100 days ago
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