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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Disclaimer: The blog is going to be long because I have soooo much to tell you guys! Sorry about that :)

We'll start with the important stuff, my job interview and my fitness/weight loss achievements!

It was kind of raining right around the time the interview was supposed to happen, so that was sucky...I wore my new black pants and gray cardigan, and a nice peach top that I already owned. My mom dropped me off so I didn't have to stress about parking, but I was about a half-hour early because she had to get to a meeting. I felt kind of silly waiting in the office for that long, but since this is the week before school starts for them, a lot of teachers and staff were there getting the school ready and were very nice to me as I sat there, feeling super nervous. The woman that I was going to interview with, let's call her Mary, finally came and got me and gave me a little tour of the school. It's a GREAT place, really lovely set-up, a super cool library that's kind of hovering inbetween floors in the middle of the building. I got a great vibe from the place. Mary took me to her office and she was very nice, and for about an hour she just asked some questions which I answered on the spot. I felt pretty confident in my answers for the most part--I think to her they were articulate and well-constructed, but of course I was over-analyzing every other word that came out of my mouth, haha...but I DID prepare quite a bit, so some of the questions I already knew exactly how to answer...also I researched the school and made sure she knew that, along with the fact that I knew a lot about the program already. I also asked some pretty awesome (in my humble opinion) question that she seemed to be really impressed with. So the interview itself went really well, the only problem is that she said she had also interviewed another person for the position earlier today who was also qualified, young, and had recently graduated from college so the decision was going to be really difficult and it would come down to who she thought would be a better fit for the school. I actually saw this girl leave as I was waiting in the office and of course she's super skinny and pretty, and dressed very professionally. Blah. I know it shouldn't make a difference but unfortunately being overweight does give you a disadvantage in the work place...it sucks, but it's the truth, people just treat you differently and kind of instantly judge you because of it.

When I got home I sent her a follow-up thank you email and now I just have to wait. Because of that other applicant, there is honestly a 50% chance that I won't get the job, so I am preparing myself for that. They are supposed to contact me by Friday, so hopefully I'll know tomorrow regardless...when I talked to the regional manager at the group interview, she said that even if this school didn't work out they might be able to find me another site, so I'm keeping my hopes up. I would LOVE to work at this school though...I really feel like I'm a perfect fit. I will be very, very disappointed if I don't get the position, but I'm also trying to get myself prepared for that possibility.

On to more positive things! I lost 2.2 lbs this week, which not only brought me to a 15 lb loss in August, but also a 20 lb loss since I started in June! I'm mucho happy with those numbers and will hopefully see equally great losses in September. I have to rock September because I only have 6 weeks till Homecoming so the majority of those weeks are going to be in September! I'm going to post an August recap blog tomorrow, because I don't really want to tack it on to this one.

Here's a super embarrassing "fat girl" story that is so typical and ridiculous. It was just a regular day a couple of days ago and I was using the bathroom, and I don't know what happened but I friggin' BROKE THE TOILET SEAT. Like, it full on cracked on the side. Now, let's be logical. This toilet seat was super old, close to 20 years...I've sat on it thousands of times, sometimes way heavier than I was that day. So it's not like I'm too fat to sit on a toilet seat. But it was still SUPER EMBARRASSING and just such a typical fat girl story, like breaking a chair or splitting a pair of pants. It especially sucks because I have lost a good deal of weight since I got home, so this should have happened during my heaviest! Anyway, I refused to tell my mom and just let her find it for herself, which she did, and asked me about it, and I totally played dumb, I was like "Hmmm? The toilet seat has a crack in it? That's weird...no, I don't know anything about that...but it's really old right? Hmm, strange..." *goes back to reading* I think she was suspicious of me, but didn't say anything, haha...I bought a replacement the other day but haven't had time to put it on yet, and the sucky thing is that my butt gets like caught in the crack and is pinched every time I sit down...since my mom is way skinnier I'm pretty sure that doesn't happen to her. UGH!

Omgosh, I have been going to Target a lot recently and I'm just DYING to buy some clothes...they are all so cute and I seriously can't wait until I can comfortably fit into them...yes, they have XXL sizes, but I really don't want to buy any more clothes that will only fit me now...it's such a motivator, especially since yellow-green (chartreuse--my fav color, the color of my background!) is in right now so all of the clothes have this awesome 70s feel.

I downloaded a TON of new music the other day...some to work out too, and some albums that I have been wanting for a long time so I used them as rewards for my weight loss. Most of the work out songs were just songs from the current Top 40 because that's what motivates me on the elliptical...but the albums were the newest Adele album (she's my idol!), Mumford & Sons, and the newest Sara Bareilles album. I'm super excited! I love having new music...

Yesterday the majority of my mom's family came over for dinner and it was such a crazy day! I had to clean the whole house since my mom was at work which took about 3 hours...then my g-parents came early so I could help my grandpa carry a wooden church pew to my aunt's church (they also came 20 minutes before they were supposed to which is super typical of them, and I had BARELY gotten out of the shower, ah!) And then I was on my feet for another three hours helping my mom get dinner ready and running around doing things for her. I was so exhausted by the end of the night, I almost went to bed while my fam was still here...I ended up not going to the gym OR doing any kind of deliberate cardio...but I feel like the cleaning, church-pew hauling, and being on my feet for oh, 7 hours, is equivalent to walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes, so I'm counting it as working out!

The dinner itself was fine, it was good to catch up with everyone. I updated them on the potential job situation which I'm sure they were excited about...obviously right now I've just been living at home and not working, so I'm sure they're relieved I'm kind of getting my life together (they don't know that I work out every day and am committing to a healthy lifestyle, so it's hard to feel that judgment) Anyway, they all said they'd keep their fingers crossed, so that was nice. I also got to talk to my sister who lives in PA...I really miss her, which I think is reflective of the kind of relationship we have now. She is my only sister and is 5 years older than me, so it was hard to be really close when we were younger, but obviously we are both adults now and I'm starting to want to see her more, which is hard when she lives on the east coast. I'll see her at Christmas for sure which will be really fun.

Y observations:

An unfortunate development: Cutie Pie Janitor is kind of a doofus, and hot trainer is a major douche who has a weird, high-pitched voice. LAME! I was working out really close to closing time the other day and knew that he was going to tell me to leave when I had like one more minute on my work out...so I fantasized about that moment and it was all coy and flirty and he would see my elliptical and be like "45 minutes, wow" and I would be like "Actually 75 minutes, I took a water break inbetween" and he would be like "Woah, that's super sexy." But really he was just like "We're closing now" and I was like "Yes." Haha...oh well...I still got to finish my work out

Speaking of which, I reached a new PR the other day when I worked out for 80 minutes straight on the elliptical...I definitely felt like a BAMF and will hopefully make that a habit in the future. Also, when I was at the Y, I renewed my membership because I had only signed up for the summer, and since I did it before September I get a free tank top...but here's the best part. Usually you get a rebate deal through your insurance if you go 12 times a month, like $20 bucks off! Since I'm a dependent on my mom's insurance I didn't think I would qualify but I dooooooooo which is awesome because my mom's the one who is paying for my membership, she was very happy with that news. Yay!

I'm excited for this weekend! Tomorrow I'm going to the MN State Fair with my friend which will be bomb. I'm not going to go crazy and eat a bunch because it's so easy to eat 5000 calories when you're there...but I will splurge on my traditional foods that I only get once a year...and also since I'm over 21 I can actually drink at the fair, which my friend and I are super excited about, haha...sometimes it's fun to be an adult! Also my aunt is paying me 100 bucks to cat-sit this weekend, so that's awesome...I love her cat and I'll have to sleep over there one night which is always nice to have some alone time. Aaaaaand I will potentially see my super good college friend this weekend/monday! Her entire fam is coming to the twin cities to do some site-seeing, so I might join them for the standard Mall of America trip. It would be AWESOME to see her, first of all to see if she notices my weight loss (my family didn't--but I know that's to be expected, you really don't SEE the progress when you're bigger until you lose 30-40 lbs...) and secondly because she's taking a job on a Disney cruise ship so I won't be able to see her at Homecoming. So all in all, I'm hoping to have a fab weekend!

Uffda, I think that's it! Like I said before, I'll write an August recap blog tomorrow...it's going to be the best thing ever because I rocked the sh#t out of August! :D Sorry for the long blog!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I LOVE Adele & Mumford & Sons..Good choices, my friend!

    Congratssss on all of your all around awesomeness!!! You seriously inspire me to kick butt! =) You are on such a roll! Keep up the great work, girlfriend!!xoxo
    3064 days ago
    So i am slightly obsessed with movies, and when I see one that I I really love I watch it over and over and over. SO, when I read your story about the high-pitched speaking guy on "I Love You, Man" that yells "Gimme everything you got, everything you got!" while he is training a guy in the gym. I really hope you have seen it and know what I am talking about so you dont think Im a total weirdo right now. If not, you should def youtube it. :D

    Congrats on the weight loss girlie!!! You are such an inspiration!!
    3067 days ago
    Typical embarrassing fat girl story: I broke a wooden kitchen chair by sitting on it at a PARTY -- a SUPER CROWDED party, when EVERYONE was in the kitchen all at the same time, and EVERYone saw me do it and land on the floor, on top of what I had now rendered a pile of kindling with my fat ass. SO MORTIFYING.

    At least in the bathroom, you're alone! Er, usually. emoticon
    3068 days ago
    Oh man, I've broken the toilet seat before! It was so embarrassing! I made my skinnier boyfriend take the blame when he was telling our landlord, but I'm sure he knew it was my fat bum!

    I love Mumford and Sons! One of my favorite bands! Adele is a goddess, love her too!

    Sounds like things are going awesome for you! Good luck with the job!
    3069 days ago
    I don't know what the competition's personality is like, but yours seems perfect to be tutoring kids. That school would be LUCKY to have you.

    The toilet seat - that is embarrassing. I'm always afraid something like that will happen to me.

    Don't you hate it when you've got your opinion of a guys & then he pours cold water on it. When it comes to most men, our fantasies of them are so much better than the real thing, LOL.

    I'm so excited about your weight loss. You are spankin' that scale & telling it who's boss.

    Where can I get a cat sitting gig? I need one of those!
    3069 days ago
  • FIT_STUFF_87
    Congrats on the weight loss progress that's awesome! And good luck with the job!
    3069 days ago
    the toilet seat story made me LOL..we all have a story like that, and i know exactly what you mean with the pinching-your-butt-when-you-sit-on-
    it, hahaha. i also would've played dumb! hahaha.
    crossing my fingers for you, hope you get that wonderful job! you seem to always be very prepared, and that is going to pay off.
    you also ROCKED the month of august and i NEED to do that. have you been counting calories as well as working out like crazy?
    update us as soon as you know about the job!!
    3069 days ago
  • VPOPPY01
    Hm, trainer with a pitched voice....can we say "'roids" anyone lol!

    Don't worry about the toilet seat too, my little sister who's suuper tiny had a breakdown this summer because the button to her jeans popped (literally popped) off in public and she was afraid she was getting "fat". So it happens to the best of us, even the skinny biotches. emoticon
    3069 days ago
  • ZINKA21
    you are kicking butt! Good luck on the job stuff...it's rough out there but you are doing exactly what you need to be doing!! Way to go!

    Toilet seat ordeal: Oh honey, i have a ton (ha ha) of fat girl stories. some of which happened when i wasn't even that fat, but embarrassing either way! The only thing you can do is laugh at yourself! I have seen chicks way skinnier than i am do stuff like that too lol

    Sounds like you have a lot going on! Way to stay busy and great job on the workouts!
    3069 days ago
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