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Think of the world you carry within you

Sunday, August 28, 2011

So some of you might have noticed that I changed the title of my Spark Page, to the quote from Rainer Maria Rilke "Think of the world you carry within you". Like I said in my last blog, this is the quote found on my new journal/notebook that I bought from Target...I really love it and it speaks to me, especially as I'm knee-deep in my weight loss transformation. It reminds of how much I have to discover of myself, there will be things I had no idea I could do or enjoy, and I will LOVE them...there are situations that I used to cringe at, that I will go out of my way to experience. I can't wait to meet the new me. It also reminds me how much potential I have within myself, and how much good I can do, which is especially powerful as I'm gearing up to take on this literacy tutor position...

More on that! The interview was crazy eights easy...I didn't get a whole lot of sleep the night before because I was stressed to the max and my computer all of the sudden went on the fritz (it's fine now, thank goodness!). I woke up at 6:15 to give myself plenty of time, and got out the door on time. Driving was a snap, there was very little traffic and I didn't get lost this time! I almost did a little when I actually got to the building because I couldn't seem to find it, so I pulled over in a parking lot to look at my map--and then I looked around and the building was literally across the street and the parking lot I was in was the one I was supposed to be parked in, haha!

Went into their lobby and was told to sit and wait...there was one other woman there, older, African-American and using a cane. She was wearing a sweatsuit and I immediately felt over-dressed. A very nice and chatty woman came over dressed in reading corps gear and led us to a conference room...she asked to make "name tents" with construction paper and I totally failed at making mine (it kept falling down!) and I felt so silly...she started talking about the program, and then two late-comers came in, one guy in a wrinkled shirt and a girl wearing a nice top. We made introductions--sweatsuit lady used to be a teacher and is looking for some new work since she recently started walking again, she kept talking about how crazy kids were these days with all this technology (lol), disheveled guy worked in AmeriCorps programs before and he kind of stumbled a lot over his words, and the girl had just graduated from a local Christian college and was very sweet but also pretty shy. Not to sound conceited, but I pretty much knew immediately that this wasn't going to be that big of a deal...as we discussed the topics and talked more about things, I was the one talking the most and clearly had done the most background reading. I also had the most past experience in working with children and literacy.

For the skills activity we were given a fake class list and schedule and had to create a timesheet for all of the students to meet with their literacy tutor...it was actually kind of tough but in real life we would have people to help us, so thank goodness for that. Then we went back out to the lobby and met with a regional manager. Since I was the only one interested in a full-time position, I talked to this really sweet woman who was very excited about me and found me an opening at a school close to my house (the best part? It's just down a couple of local streets, so I wouldn't have to drive on the freeway every day and deal with downtown traffic--YES!) Then, I had to do a reading assessment test just to prove that I could actually read...I just read for a minute from an excerpt from a biology textbook....this seems so silly but I was SO NERVOUS. Yes, I just graduated with a degree in English Lit, but it was probably the most stressful part of the whole interview process, haha...all in all, I left the interview feeling awesome and confident!

After the interview I messed around the house and ended up taking a looooong nap (bad idea), and then I had plans to get dinner/watch a movie with my friend, so I ended up not making it to the gym for the second day in a row. But I still did that short cardio work out from netflix, so at least that was something. I also noticed the area above my right knee was really sore and I was worried that I had pulled something, so I was a little wary of working out hardcore at the gym.

Friday I slept in suuuuuuuuper late and my leg was still really sore....my mom switched her flight from DC so she could avoid the hurricane so she ended up coming home that night. I avoided the gym AGAIN and did the cardio work out right before picking her up from the airport. My mom was super cute and brought us home a few fancy cupcakes from this famous bakery in DC, so we each had one. It was no biggie since I still had a lot of calories leftover for the day and I actually realized this was the first time I had had dessert in almost a month! Then this morning I got a call from the school that got my application, and I'm going to set up an interview with them this week! Yaaayyy!

Today I slept in again and also took a weird midday nap so now my sleep schedule is all messed up...but I need to get up early tomorrow so I can call back the school, and I also feel better if I wake up earlier. Luckily I realized I still had a refill of some sleep meds that I was prescribed while in school, so those should help a bit. I finally made it back to the gym yaaaaaaaaaay! 70 minutes on the elliptical and 50 on the treadmill...so 2 hours! It felt good to be back...I'm still a little anxious about my leg but I'll just take it one day at a time. Because 3/7 days this week were pretty low in exercise, I probably won't be seeing a huge loss this week, but I can still hope!

Hope all you East Coasters are staying safe during this crazy weather! I'm so glad my mom is back from DC and that my sister lives inland PA, but she's still getting hit with some severe weather so I'm continually thinking about her. I'm actually really happy that August is almost over--I kicked serious butt this month so it will be nice to do an August recap next week...AND I love Fall, AND I'm this much closer to Homecoming! Ahhh I seriously can't wait, especially if I can lose a bit more weight! It really does feel like everything is finally falling into place...let's hope it stays that way!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congrats on the interview! I knew you would rock it!!! Hope your knee is feeling better..and 2 hours of cardio?!?! Girl you are a rockstar!!!
    3060 days ago
    I was just looking at the SparkAmerica Leaderboard for Minneapolis, and you're WAY WAY up there in the rankings! You're, like, #17 or something - which is where I USED to be pretty consistently until I totally fell off the wagon into the mudpit of shame and despair. But anyway -- GO YOU! So proud of you! You're working out enough for a small country. All the Rwandans can just relax with a good book or Netflix thanks to you...
    3064 days ago
    You are on a serious roll with your weight loss. Way to go!!!!!
    I knew you would be awesome at that first interview. & I bet the 2nd one went just as well!!!
    I've seen the DC Cupcake show on TV - I think it's TLC. Were they yummy?
    3064 days ago
    Love this blog, Liz! I'm glad that your interview went so well. And holy cows, are you ever an animal at the gym! Keep up the good work!
    3064 days ago
  • JACKI1033
    Hey AWESOME!
    Sounds like everything is coming together nicely.

    Def keep an eye on that knee!! Maybe look into one of those braces? My knee does that sometimes and on those days I just do the zero impact machines (elliptical-type) and stay away from the treadmill.

    Can't wait to hear how your next interview goes!
    3065 days ago
    Congrats on your interview! Its good to hear that things are going well for you. And good job on doing some exercise on those days, even if you didn't make it into the gym. And wow! 2 hours at the gym! Way to kick butt! woo hoo!
    3066 days ago
    I knew you would rock that interview! The job sounds really promising! Prepare as much as you did the last time and dress as cute as you did and you'll be just fine!!
    3066 days ago
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