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What a week...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Well I started my new job on Tuesday.. Its been good.. went Wednesday and the lady that works in the same room as me wasn't there she was sick.. throwing up etc.. so we had to lysol everything.. well.. I woke up Thursday morning.. FEELING TERRIBLE!!!!!!! feeling I could puke everywhere and my stomach was cramping I had no energy It was horrible.. but I managed to get myself ready for work and headed there ... I got there around 6:45a.m my boss came in and I guess she noticed the sour look on my face or something and she was like whats wrong??? I was like I am not feeling well.. but I didn't want to call in.. and she said.. well.. if you are feeling sick maybe you should go home.. and so she went and looked at everyone schedules and ended up sending me home at like 7:15a.m . thank gosh .. because right when i got home I sonked out in my bed and I ended up running fever and feeling terrible.. I didn't eat anything all day except 4 crackers.. Today I have actually managed to eat some soup.. I just better feel better on Monday.. but she said It showed ALOT that I came in! that it really made her proud :) yes..

how r yall..
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