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1st orthopedic appt. today after surgery

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Saw the surgeon today, and I walked into his office without my cane. I understand that I have a titanium prosthesis which is not cemented in. That is why I could weight bear completely right after surgery. I'm doing well, and can do just about anything, as long as I keep the same precautions for another month (no bending past 90 %, no external or internal rotation of the hip, and no bringing my hip or leg past mid center of my body.
I'm able to drive now - woo hoo! That made my day!
Last week I did the eliptical bike for 10 minutes and that really felt great. He says that's good, and I should continue that. I can also use light ankle weights for strength and do stretching exercises. I'm allowed to go swimming as well. I don't have to use my cane unless I'm feeling fatigued.
He did comment on the fact that my other hip is quite bad, but I told him that mentally I'm not going there at this point.
The leg difference is only about 1 centimeter, however, it feels like more. He said that often will sort itself out as the muscles gain strength.
Also, regarding the internal rotation, I have to concentrate on keeping my foot straight when I walk, as the muscles at the back of the thigh were cut, and they too will become stronger.
I've got lots to work on!
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