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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hi everyone, my emotions are running very high today, mainly lonely, I ended a20 yr relationship a year ago May 2010, haven't really recovered from it, and haven't met anyone since then, not even a male friend to hold a phone conversation with, It's really bothering me, I ask myself if there is anything wrong with me, I work, go to church, shop and home majority of the time, I do put a lot of time into my fitness and trying to eat healthy and even that is not working now, the scale is doing it's own thing up and down between 1,2,3 lbs each week, I wonder if it's stuck @ that point, I pray for God to place someone in my life, I made a statement to a pastor friend once, with gods will he will place someone in my life, he said something like, or not, so is it god's plan for me to be alone, or is that god know what I went, through and don't want the same things for me, It was not a physical abusive relationship,but mental, feeling that you are being cheated on, because I went through it once in the relationship, things changed for a little bit but back to square one, ladies or gents, when we feel something it's usually true, God knows I am a good person and give it my all, when the time is right he will prevail.
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    Faye-- I've learned that we have to have self love and self reliance before that right person will come into our lives. Know you are just fine without another person in your life right now and it will happen when it happens. Give it to God.... Don't settle for someone just to have someone. I've also learned that we find the right life partner when we are not looking... Once we are satisfied with life on our own, once we quit looking, God puts that right person in our lives. So, keep working on yourself and try to be patient! You are a good person and deserve a good person to share your life with! Take your time and it will happen!
    3597 days ago
    I so feel where you are coming from. The stress alone from major life changes (and 20 years in a relationship counts) can effect your weight. There's nothing wrong with you. Take this time to reprioritize your life and make the changes you need to feel good about yourself. The rest will come! emoticon emoticon
    3597 days ago
    When I was younger and I'd see all the girls around me have boyfriends and go on dates when I was home alone, my grandmother would say "when you are ready to find someone who will complement you, you will find him." She also told me that I must become a strong complete person and once I am, I will find someone.. I really didn't understand what she meant but I do now.

    You may be lonely and want someone now but you may not be quite ready for that step yet. You have to heal you and once you are strong.. you will find someone. Doubting that is normal. Once you stop looking, that's when you will find someone.
    3598 days ago
    Intersting that I am reading "break up" blogs tonite.. I am in a 33 yr. marriage and so unhappy and depressed. Got laid off from my job in June and haven't found another, but money isn't a problem just yet as we are staying with my dd (tables turned this time!) I am 58 and have a man like you had. He hasn't worked in 10 years, and I am tired of supposting him, he gives me no emotional support and is very negative and puts me down all the time.... I know what I need to do but in the back of my mind, I feel God has me married to him, and I shouldn't desert him, but it seems like the only way.

    sorry to hear of your loneliness, I understand it and feel more lonely when I am not alone... gotta make some serious changes, cuz dh sure won't

    3598 days ago
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