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The "doctor's scale" and a new mini goal

Friday, August 12, 2011

Since I bought a new scale earlier this year I was a bit bummed that I'll never know how much I really have lost since my new scale was higher than my old one. While I totally understand that scales are calibrated differently, having just one scale would help with knowing total pounds lost - apples to apples.

It hit me this past Monday that I have a consistent scale - the doctor's style one in the locker room at work (we have a small gym). I used to use it all the time when I used the gym my first year on Spark. Today is my weigh-in day so I stopped in the locker room before I went to my desk.

I liked the number I saw - 158 (1.2 pounds less than my scale at home, no biggie) but what I liked even more - the short distance from the weight thing that I move and the left hand side of the scale. Only 8 more pounds until I can move the bottom weight to "100" and start all over again on the right side with the upper weight!! I remember when I moved it from "200" to "150" on the bottom one - that was exciting. When I would dry my hair I would look at it and how far I've moved the weights. - A good visual.

While I generally stay far away from "lose X pounds by X date" because it's a goal outside of my control - I'm going to focus on trying to lose 8 pounds by October (not sure when in Oct) because I will have to go to my doctor's for a physical and get my thyroid checked. It would be so cool for them to be able to move the bottom weight down! (although their scale is most likely calibrated differently).

- For the most part my eating is in check - but I'll try to make even better choices. (like I had a banana instead of the other half of a big muffin as a snack this morning).
- I continue to train for my next half - so cardio is good. I would like to get a cross training day in there, though.
- Strength - I never do this and I keep saying I need to. So now my goal is 2 times a week. I have to determine which two days and also a reward for this!

I think I may cancel my LA Fitness membership and use the (free) gym at work - it worked my first year and I can do strength and my cross X here! I do like the bikes at LA Fitness better, though - although it's been months since I've gone.

So that's my small goal. Well, it's kind of a big one because it's basically a pound a week that hasn't happened in A LONG time! The added focus will be good for me and will help with Nov & Dec - those holiday months that I tend to get hectic.

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