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Reinvestments and Rethinking

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I am going to boggle your mind today…I swear. With the stock market going crazy people are reinvesting their money, rethinking all their decisions, subconsciously knowing that if the stock market goes back up then they may make a foolish mistake.

Well let’s take this to our everyday lives. Why shouldn’t you rethink the choices you make daily and reinvest in yourself if the choices are affecting you in a bad way. So wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Right now. Here we go…

One thing you do normally: Eat
Timeframe you have to do this: 24 hours
When should you do it: Early or Late
What should you eat: Healthy or Junky

This is something you have to do, something you need to do, and a decision you make on a daily basis.

If this seems to follow your pattern of thinking (which I am thinking it will)…then it is time that you changed and you started rethinking a couple things and reinvest some time into yourself.

I want you to add one thing to the things you normally do. Add Workout. So your list now looks like this.

Two things you do normally are:
1. Eat
2. Workout

Timeframe you have to do this:
24 hours

When should you do it:
1. Early
2. Late

What should you do:
1. Be Healthy (Eat clean food and work out)
2. Be Junky (Eat junk food and don’t work out)

With this being on that list…it means it is no longer an option to skip it. You can’t skip meals (and shouldn’t) if you want to function normally…that is the same with being active. You can’t function at your best like you should without working out, exercising or being active in some way. It is really a logical way of thinking…but with everything we have been brain-fed by media and other people limiting their expectations of us, we have grown comfortable and accepting of this behavior. Our minds have shifted in allowing us to believe the negative hype and just flow with it so we don’t cause too much attention to ourselves.

Well I say not anymore. I will NOT sit by on the sidelines any longer because someone thinks I shouldn’t do something, can’t do something, or have made me feel so miserably low that I have now told myself I couldn’t. I refuse for that to be the case. So I am modifying the way I think…starting with this.

When will I eat breakfast/lunch/dinner? What will I eat?
When will I workout? What will I do?

Skipping it or putting it off like it isn’t a big deal and you can just catch it tomorrow, NO. That line of thinking is what got you here in the first place. It IS a big deal. Make it happen today. Reinvest time into yourself and know it is the right thing to do. You know it is. You are worth this and in order to get the results you want, you have to start thinking this way to achieve those results.

So, reinvest some time in yourself and rethink your choices. I’m willing to bet you can change some things and get faster results just by putting this into action. Keep fighting the fight and know you aren’t alone.

Peace out.
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