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48 Days to Speed: Day 16 - Interval Running & Pilates

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I REALLY doubted my ability to do the interval run my coach assigned me for today. I was to warmup for a mile then do an 11:00 pace for 2 mins followed by an 10:00 pace for 2 mins. I was to repeat this 6 times. Then, finish up 'easy' for a total of 4 miles. For the middle part, that would be averaging 10:30 miles for over 2 miles. My fastest 2 miler averaged almost 10:50! But, that was outside AND on hills. Still, this seemed REALLY agressive to me...and scary! But, I DID IT! YEAH!

I did walk the 1st minute, but completed the first mile in 13:00. Then, I ran the 11:00 & 10:00 for 2 mins each, 6 times. This was a HUGE mental challenge! In fact, I kept telling myself I only needed to do 3 sets, then I could walk. Then, of course, I told myself "just one more set & you can walk!" And, again...until I finished!

I actually set the treadmill at 5.5 & 6.0, so the 5.5 was a little different...I don't remember the exact number. Since that had me running for 24 mins at a 10:30 average, I actually ran closer to 2.3 miles at that pace! WOW!! If I could do my 5K at a 10:30 pace, that'd be quite a bit faster than my 'dream' pace!!! (My 'regular' goal is to hit 35 minutes and my 'dream' goal is 33!)

I walked for 1 minute after the 6 intervals, then finished up my last mile...about .7 miles. I started at about 13:00 and bumped it up a click faster at each 1/10th of a mile! Afterwards, I walked for about 3 minutes and did a long stretching session.

For the first 3.1 miles, my time was 34:50. That beats my 'old' 5K PR from last week of 36:23!!! (But, I did hang on to the treadmill probably a dozen times...never more than 10 seconds and usually only for a few.) The total 4 miles was at 45:55, which is a 11:29 pace! I'm thrilled!

I showered, got to read for about an hour while waiting for my daughter's camp to be out, ran by McDonald's and got an oatmeal, then headed to my coach's house for pilates reformer! This is my 3rd session, and we did a lot of new things! I'm really enjoying these sessions. And, my dd tried it out, too!

My coach has down 'swimming' for tomorrow, but I'm debating on that. In fact, I sent her an email asking if it was OK to do a different workout. I know it is important to rest my legs some. I have another 'big', scary run on Thursday! But, there are several classes at the & that I'd love to try...I could do a level 2 step class (love step, but I know it isn't resting my lets), "bodycombat" (martial arts, cardio-intervals), "bodyjam" (a dance type class), or "absolutely yoga" (but, I'm unsure about yoga). These would all be new to me! And, I love trying out new classes. I could also do the elliptical or something, but I prefer a group class.

I'm waiting to hear back from my coach, and will swim if she thinks that's best. I'm hoping to be cleared to try the Step or something else, though.

RECAP as I prepare with my coach for 48 days to a SPEEDY 5K!
Day 16 - RUN & PILATES - intervals
Day 15 - SPIN - 45 min endurance
Day 14 - RUN - hill workout (3 miles)
Day 13 - REST
Day 12 - BIKE - 12 miles (w/intervals)
Day 11 - RUN - 5 miles
Day 10 - REST
Day 9 - RUN & PILATES - intervals (3 miles)
Day 8 - XTRN - zumba
Day 7 - RUN - 5 miles
Day 6 - REST from fall
Day 5 - REST from fall
Day 4 - REST from fall
Day 3 - RUN - speed run (4x400) (3.5 miles) & group bike ride...FALL!!
Day 2 - SPIN - interval spin class
Day 1 - RUN - treadmill test & interval speedwork
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It sounds like you are achieving so much with your coach and that this is probably the best thing for you. It's amazing what we can do when someone believes in us. And when you start believing in you, that's a fantastic feeling. Great job!
    3498 days ago
    Great job! It WILL get more comfortable to move your legs that fast, I promise. It sounds like your coach has you on a good plan. Keep it up!

    My running buddy is pretty comfortable around a 10-10:30 pace, but when we start races together, she's fine until she realizes we ran the first mile at a 9:00 minute pace. THEN she gets nervous and thinks it was too fast. But while running, she admitted it wasn't uncomfortably fast. Don't let the numbers scare you!
    3498 days ago
    You've got a great plan in place and are doing a great job executing that plan. Stay focused and keep up the great work -- I have no doubt that you'll achieve your goals!
    3499 days ago
    You workouts are paying off quickly and I'm sure having more confidence helps in being able to achieve these goals and requirements your coach set.

    I also did treadmill intervals today (only 2 miles) but I had that puppy up to 6.7 at one time. I had no idea how fast that was because the little readout screen wasn't working-but holy moly that was a 9:00 mi pace. I am starting to have some of the same feelings you shared about being able to do more then we've allowed ourselves to do or thought possible to do. I'm trying to push it a little more to test my limits.

    I tried Body Combat once and it was so fun. I got a really good calorie burn. I'm bummed because the spinning gym that did that initial class brought it on a few months later, but it was gone before I could try it again do to a lack of interest I guess.

    3499 days ago
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