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Round 1 Phase 3 Day 14 HCG Diet

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

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    Hey Lisa 1980.... Let's make a pact... I'll put down the chip bag and you'll put down the nuts... deal :) LOL!! Look honey I know it's hard, believe me. I love chips, doritos, lays, fritos, tortilla and salsa, bring on the beans and cheese sauce and you have a meal.. LOL! My mom used to be addicted to Oreos. She told me that for 2 years she simply didn't buy them, cause she's eat the whole container in one sitting. I think with chips it will come to that for me. She can now eat a couple oreos and it doesn't send her into an eating frenzy. It some point it's important to say... Hey! I've worked really hard to get this weight off my body and I want to keep it that way and gorging on chips isn't the way to get me there. Just a thought :) Keep on Keeping On!
    3029 days ago

    You know you may not be allergic in the sense of the word, but you could be sensitive to them. Hence the gains. Might be inflaming your body. You know how I am challenging yogurt? Well there is a whole list of foods that my blood test showed as "sensitive". It doesn't mean I break out and have to go to the hospital! But according to my doc could totally affect my weight loss or lack of it. Just a thought.

    How in the hell do you work out so much?! How do you give up all your evenings to do that?! You are something else chica!
    3030 days ago
    That golf pro is just plain strange. If Friday doesn't go well, I would ask for another instructor. hehe!

    Hmmm, handsome man in scrubs, driving a Porche pestering you to go out? Love to have that problem! You are a wise woman going for the email first before you go anywhere with him. Good luck with that. 2 guys in 1 week. Woo hoo!

    P.S. I love pistachios too and had some today. They love my thighs. hehe
    3030 days ago
  • LISAS1980
    Sandy - yeah I don't think I'm allergic to it - my problem is I can't put down the bag and if I do, I come right back to it if it's minutes or even hours - I can't get it out of my head if I know there's more and it's still there. But the good thing is Ive ran out of pistachio as well and the only thing I have left is walnuts and pecans and I've never been crazy for those so I'll just leave those sealed until a week from now - phase 4!
    3030 days ago
  • LISAS1980
    LOLOL Oh Natalia! You're crazy - I still have that ball in my car. I just got in the car and put it in my cup holder thinking...wow did that just really happen??? I think I was more overwhelmed over the drama that came on the phone from work while I was getting that lesson otherwise, I seriously think I would have gone postal on him. When he first walked over to me holding a small envelope (later to find out, the only thing in it is a golf ball): i kept thinking maybe he has his golf clubs on the greens or in the cart already.

    Thank you - I resolved that issue - well to the best of my patience. I spoke with her, sorted it out and then I went to send her back the material she was having issues with. Well when I was leaving fedex, in sweats (not the cute ones, like large sweats and a sweatshirt), this guy in scrubs (so thinking surgeon...who knows could be a nurse but he was driving a porche so more likely surgeon) said hey cutey do you always look this cute?? I smiled and said thank you and kept walking to my car. While I was about to start up my car, he's standing at the car window. Long story short, I didnt give him my number but I did give him my email. I said no to the invite to salsa tonight and tomorrow night and I said we could exchange emails and go from there. So maybe the event at work was just a distraction for something else? :) I'm feeling better already.

    I have another lesson on Friday - I swear if I don't swing a golf club, I will kick him.
    3030 days ago
    Golf . . . hysterical . . . I love golf . . . especially long drives . . . but um . . . getting in touch with the ball? (Where's the smiley that's rolling on the floor laughing???) HAHAHA!

    Man you struggle with the same nuts I do! I love pistachios too. . . and macadamias and cashews and almonds! I DON'T like walnuts that much though (except with chicken in a stir fry.) I even like dry roasted peanuts . . . Oh well *sigh*

    Sorry to hear about your co-worker. I HATE DRAMA and I HATE SCENES! It would really be so nice if when someone has a problem/issue/concern they would go directly to THAT PERSON and that person alone and resolve it! and MOOOOVEEEE OOOOONNNNN. You must have said one of those, "Lord, give me patience" prayers recently. HAHA. Watch out for the situations you find yourself in. (sorry) emoticon I did one of those once about being more compassionate with people . . . and OH MY GOODNESS you wouldn't imagine what kind of a can that opened up! emoticon Seriously, though I hope it smooths out well and quickly. You don't need the stress. So tell me one thing . . . are you feeling "in touch" with the ball? emoticon
    3030 days ago
    Good afternoon. Good for you getting to take golf lessons. Now you can give me pointers. You can come play on our course anytime you like. I think maybe after a full session of him talking I would have thrown the ball at him!! emoticon Hope you get to hit the ball on Friday, let me know how it goes.

    The lady at work could be green eyed at this point who knows why people do what they do. Good luck with her getting things straight.

    Got to leave the nuts alone I had to as well, but I think because for me I tend to eat to many not an allergy.
    Have a great rest of your day. Sandy
    3030 days ago
    Everything is attacking you today!

    1. weird golf guy!
    2. lady who needs to get a life.
    3. those weight gaining nuts!

    Don't get discouraged!
    You are FABULOUS!


    3030 days ago
  • LISAS1980
    Hey Julie/Grace,

    Nice, I've heard tons of great things about weight watchers so I'm glad that's motivating for you! I joined a similar class at Curves but it was too far a drive for me to keep up but I loved the weekly weigh ins! One of the gal in my gym also does weight watchers and she lost tons of weight.
    3030 days ago
  • no profile photo TIGERLILLYBILL
    Hi Lisa,

    I took a little brake from posting...
    I joined Weight Watchers and I am now more motivated!

    You have lost so much weight! Good for you!
    3030 days ago
  • LISAS1980
    Thanks New - I never thought about it. I guess I should look into it - I've always eaten nuts and since I never had a bad reaction to it - I always thought it was fine but I'll mention it to my doctor and we can test for it. Thanks for mentioning it.
    3030 days ago

    I'm another fellow HCGer! I'm doing my second round and on day 4. I appreciate your honesty and openness about this diet. I have spent a huge amount of time researching it so that I do it the right way, in as safe a way as possible. I'm amazed at all the negativity on Spark about it. I noticed that nuts seem to be giving you some grief. One of the benefits of doing the HCG properly is you can see what food sensitivities you have. Generally if you have an increase in weight when you eat a food it means you have a sensitivity or allergy to the food. Nuts are a high allergen for many. Have you given any thought that you might be allergic to nuts? When I started reintroducing foods I got a yeast infection... weird I know... it was either the mushrooms or the eggs so when I go back to maintenance again I'll get to determine if I have a sensitivity to those foods. Just a thought.....
    3030 days ago
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