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My 2 year spark birthday!! A summary of my new life!

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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

As of this Sunday, July 31, 2011, I have been actively on sparkpeople for 2 years!! Woohoo!

It is truly hard to believe that it has only been two years on sparkpeople because it truly has become such a huge part of my life that I feel like I have been using the tools that this site has taught me forever. But, obviously, I have not used this site for ever and needed it to help get me out of the rut that I was in.

I know that most people refer to it as a sparkanniversary but I think that the term spark birthday is much more appropriate. Before I joined sparkpeople, I really was a completely useless human being. I did absolutely nothing productive with my life in terms of exercise, healthy living, appropriate social interactions and sorry for the redundancy, but I was useless.

This was me 5 years ago.

This was me 2 years ago.

Once I realized the importance of tracking my food every day, my life changed. To this day, I still try to track all of my meals even though I now basically know the caloric value of everything that I like to it. I find that tracking helps keep me honest and helps keep me accountable.

This was me 1.5 years ago after half a year on spark.

At that point I had lost about 60 pounds and I went on vacation and promptly gained back about 10 pounds in a week due to excessive drinking and massive plates of bacon for breakfast.

Then, in July of 2010, after about 1 year on sparkpeople I decided to complete my first triathlon in Peterborough. After about 1 year on sparkpeople, I was down about 80 pounds or so.

After completing this triathlon I was completely addicted to triathlons. For people who have never run a race of any kind, there is nothing like the feeling you get when you cross a finish line at a race. A run race, triathlon, duathlon, swim/bike or anything like that, it is truly a euphoric experience when you hear people cheering for you as you are steaming toward the finish line. At this point, I had just signed up for another triathlon later in the summer, and had no idea how much more of a tri-psycho I would become in the coming year.

This is a picture of me and my girlfriend at a family function in October of 2010. I had lost about 100 pounds at this point.

This is me in New Years 2011. I had been doing P90X/Insanity for about 4 months at this point and my weight had stayed about the same but as you can see in this picture, I have slimmed down significantly. The picture was kind of ruined but either way, it's a good picture of me.

This was me in June of 2011 at Darien Lake in Buffalo, NY just before going to see a Phish concert. I would have never had the guts to wear a tank top before joining sparkpeople and losing weight and this, almost 2 years later was the first time I wore one in public. It was a huge step for me.

And, my last and most recent picture is from a triathlon earlier in July. It is my finish line picture showing that I finished over 15 minutes better than my time on the same course last year.

This has been my life over the last two years.

Now, if any of you are still reading, why do I call it a spark birthday not spark anniversary. I feel completely reborn since I have joined sparkpeople. Not only reborn, but by comparison to the life I have now, I was not living at all. My life has completely changed in every aspect thanks to the skills that I have learned from slowly introducing new changes into my life. This is my new life, and just as a new born baby enters the world with a clean slate, I feel that this should be my true birthday as this is my new life, and this is going to be how I live for the rest of my days.

Happy Birthday to ME!!!
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