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Round 1 Phase 3 Day 10 HCG Diet

Saturday, July 30, 2011

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  • LISAS1980
    LOL Hoof - I loved my chocolate delight. I still have some in the refrigerator with chocolate covered strawberries - I obviously finished the chocolate covered almonds lol. I used cream, next to the milk section, I used the fat free pasteurized cream (it's lik half and half) and I used less cocoa then the normal recipe and I sifted my cocoa which some folks said avoided the bitterness taste. I love coconuts so maybe another reason. Don't be nervous about your P3, have you noticed mine has been about experimenting with all these recipes and foods? LOL If you stick to the basics, you should be fine. I just needed some variety but I was going too loco with all these different things, pizza, bread, crackers, brownies, etc. still yummy and I think would have been fine had I eliminated almonds which I have but I'm going to stay to some clean eating for a few days :)

    Natalia - oh just pepper LOL, I put cayenne pepper in everything because I heard it was good for you so I thought that's what you meant. I'm going to try making it again today, this time with pepper, and paprika the way you intended.

    3464 days ago
    No, I didn't mean cayenne (that's too hot for me!) I did mean red pepper. emoticon
    3464 days ago
    You liked that nasty chocolate delight?! Bleh! What is cream? I am only familiar with like cool whip. lol. I've never used cream before. Fill me in! What section do I find it? I can make more and try that. lol.

    As for coconut oil I know I saw some videos of a lady that seemed to say the chocolate delight really kept her in ketosis and even pushed it higher. Since I started checked ketones I've only ever been as high as 40 which is moderate. Anyways, research coconut oil. Your body processes it differently. And it seems really beneficial. I, however, hate the taste of coconut! I'm SO picky. Your P3 is making me SO nervous! I do not want to do a steak day. EVER! I never did an apple day so I really don't want to not eat till dinner. Ugh!
    3464 days ago
  • LISAS1980
    Natalia - I think it was just my cooking, I must have cooked it with too much water, then I just added the oil in it, I put cayenne pepper in it because thats what I thought you meant with pepper but I did put the onion and garlic powder. I'll try it again soon but you and Sandy are right - I'm going to go back to clean eating for awhile after steak day today. That's if I don't need to take another steak day tomorrow. Yup no more almonds for me for P3. I threw half of my last bag in the trash this morning after weighing in LOL. I gained 1.2 pounds this morning but I think it was primarily I had given up yesterday. After I had more than my fair share of the chocolate delight, I knew I'd be above the .2 lbs so I was like oh I'll suffer tomorrow might as well enjoy today.
    Sandy - you're so right as usual - I hate P3, I want to lose already and go back to P2 but I know this phase is important too. So I will go back to clean P2 eaing and just increase proteins and add in a few things to keep the next week and a half enjoyable but no more experimenting with recipes LOL.
    Jibbie and beach girl - thank you for the encouragement as usual.
    3465 days ago
    *o.k. ma'am, put the bag down and slowly back away from the almonds* emoticon Yep, it was exactly the same way for me in P3 with almonds, and no you probably don't want to put them in the chocolate delite or even buy any more for now. emoticon I alter my chocolate delite and add English Toffee Stevia, sometimes I put a vanilla creme and berry stevia or chocolate raspberry stevia for flavoring. (I add a lot of drops) but English Toffee is my favorite!

    Sorry you didn't like the fish. I had a typo in that I should have said I use onion and garlic powder not PEPPER. I hope you caught that, also I did forget to mention that I also put paprika on it! Hope that didn't mess it up!

    I agree as far as the ribs in thinking that even if it didn't have a bbq sauce on it, odds are it was marinated in something that had sugar in it. . . it's good you're still within the range though so hang in there . . . probably also a good plan to drop down today with a steak day as opposed to when you'll have those luncheons. Then you'll have some wiggle room. I think Sandy's right on with the suggestion to step back to basically what we call "clean eating" for a bit. It's neat to try different things, and you will want to add different veggies and meats etc. but P2 eating, with increased amounts are your "safety zone" if you're fluctuating . Have a great one! emoticon
    3465 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/31/2011 10:59:07 AM
    OH!! Well those almonds have to go!!! I just would go back to the basics and use phase 2 foods only increase the protein and add more veggies. This way you know what you can and can't have just omit the melba or other starches and no sugar in anything.
    I remember how hard it was to stay focused on what I was suppose to eat to get the nutrients I needed and maintain my weight, it is like walking a tight rope, there is that fine line of enough and to much.
    I know you will get it under control and stabilize, your to head strong to let a little almond stand in your way to that size 4 I know you can do this.
    Stay focused on why your doing this and close your eyes and imagine yourself at your goal weight. Think of how your going to look every time you have a craving, it worked for me.
    Look forward to hearing from you tomorrow. Sandy
    3466 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    Almonds have a lot of calories with the fats in them. And they are one of those things that I CAN'T stop with just a few. emoticon Yum, the chocolate covered strawberries. I've added some protein powder & vanilla to the chocolate delight as I hate Dark chocolate. emoticon
    That BBQ probably had SUGAR in the sauce & that soaks into the meat. Plus, the oil soaks into fried chicken even when you take the skin off.
    DELMEM came up with the recipe for "Chocolate Delight" about 4 years ago, and it is NOT on P2, but there were women who just HAD to have chocolate because of PMS, so he found that the coconut oil was the least damage. He used macadamia nuts to break stalls, & they aren't on P2, either.
    Were you drinking all of your water/tea yesterday? That is so important to prevent gains. emoticon
    3466 days ago
    You are so honest about your ups and downs with the diet.
    It is so helpful because I'm just starting out.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3466 days ago
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