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New Hair!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I had a groupon to put to use (and two more uses!), so I decided to get my hairs cut before coming home. My hair was about down to my shoulders. How much was chopped you ask? 4 inches. You read that right. 4 bloody inches... WHOA.

I have NEVER in my adult life, or even young adult life, gone THAT short. Luckily... I like it!!!

What's next? COLOR. What am I going to do? GO BLONDE!

Here's what I figure... color is easier to rectify than a cut and so I'm in a color I don't love for 6 weeks if I don't love... so the bleep what? Life is for living and having fun. Blonde is the ONE color I've never been... So why not rock it like the rockstar I am? I've been talking about it for MONTHS. So I think it's time to go for it and enjoy. So I'll wait until I get home and settled again and it'll be my little treat for myself on the day that M is supposed to come home (I.e. I doubt I'll be seeing him and I'm already fairly certain I'll need the boost of being pampered - feelings don't change overnight!).

So that's that!
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