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Killer Zumba workout

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On Monday's I do two Zumba classes back to back. Regular Zumba for an hour and then a 45 Zumba toning (with 2.5 lb weights). Our regular teacher was out and the sub was someone I like but she's really really tough! She had already taught a one hour class before she got to our gym but that didn't slow her down! I always stand up front for my regular teacher but was nervous about Crystal because she's so fast paced and her moves are really complicated whearas Rashard gives us enough repetition that we have a chance to get used to it. Much to my surprise I kept up with Crystal pretty well! emoticon
I don't know how that woman has the energy to go so hard all the time. She's not even one of those zero body fat twigs you see in class. She looks like just an average person. By the end of the first class her Zumba pants were drenched like she had jumped into a pool. She's so hard core that she has people who follow her to every class she teaches, no matter what gym. I call them her "posse" and they are all in amazing shape. I am really shocked that I could keep up with them so well. I had never willingly sweat so much in my life! emoticon
Guess what? I'm going to do it again on Wed and Thursday (1 hr classes). I will show that fat who's boss!!
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