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90 days!! 3 months!! Wow!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh my goodness...I haven't blogged in a whilte! Yikes!! lol.

It feels so odd to give myself the "3 month Sparkversary" trophy when I've been here since 2006....but I've been tracking my consistant use of this site and consistant weight loss and focus...and that brings me to 3 months. I've NEVER stuck to it this far! Woohoo!!!

I still haven't lost much at all in the way of inches which is frustrating because I'd really like to see some drop in clothing sizes but...oh well. I know I"m adding a TON of muscle! I can feel it!! Oh my goodness I don't think my thighs have been this strong since....I was like...18! (I'm 29 now)

I'm working on getting fit so I can go in for a breast reduction. I'm getting kind of scared about the sugery and may opt not to go for it after all but...I really need it and I think the benefits will outweigh the risks. I just need to check in with the surgeon about my fears and be honest about them. (mainly scars and sensation loss) I told myself that I could proceed with the surgery plans when I get down to 195lbs. I started this journey at 233lbs...I've got 12lbs to go and I'll have met my goal!!

My honey and I took a trip down to Portland to stay for a week at my parents house while Honey got a breast augmentation and healed up from that surgery before heading home. My parents eat healthy most the time but they pull out the stops for visitors. Due to stress and good food being available...I totally stalled, and gained back a few pounds. Oops!! :( I did try to go up and down the stairs quite a bit while there, hike, go for long walks on the bike trail...but it wasn't enough to compete with the way I ate I guess.

I was on perfect track to meet my goal by my goal date (end of Aug) but I'm out of that track now and have to catch back up. It's ok. I'm making progress. Two more pounds and I'll be right back where I need to be (as long as it doesn't take me too long to get those two pounds dropped) I'm doing great with my calorie intake, I'm rocking work outs and I'm having fun doing it (for the most part) so I'm sure it'll come right back off. I had gotten down to 205, but I'm currently at 207 now.

One thing I've just gotten and really like is an app for my Ipod. It's called "snack app" and it's SO cool!! You tell it what you want: salty, sweet, crunchy, cheesy ect. (they've got more choices than that) and then you tell them what calorie range it should be in: 50cal, 100cal or 200cal and then it gives you suggestions for what would fit the bill without ruining your diet. If you DO go over what you ment to..it's got some exercise ideas that will burn certain amounts of calories to get you back on track. For example: Dance for 30mins and burn 204 calories. Super simple app, and really helpful and cool! I was really starting to feel stuck with my snack options and this app has given me more options that will still fit within my calorie needs. Woohoo!! :) Best part? It's a free app!!
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