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First Run with Group

Saturday, July 16, 2011

So, yesterday I signed up for a running group which culminates in a half marathon (or marathon) in January here in Houston. I am running the HM that day, so I signed up for that group. I was just a little nervous as it actually started last week but I was out of town.

When I got there, people were smiling, but no one approached me. After several minutes, another 'blue group' member came up to me and we started talking. Terry just joined this week, too. She HATES running, but knows it is good for her. She ran a HM 10 years ago and hasn't run much since. I shared some of my story with her and she said she was inspired. (That always makes me feel good and I hope I DO inspire others!)

So, last week the HM ('blue group') just ran a mile and this week it was 1.5 miles. It was already hot, even at 7:30 am...82 degrees. We ran out & back. I kept up with 'the leaders' for about the first .5 miles then had to slow down. I was determined to run the entire first mile - and I did! It was about 11:40. I then walked for a little bit (a minute?) until I heard some runners coming up behind me. (Oh, there are about 16 or so in our group). I was determined to start running again and stick with them. There were 2 men and one of them stopped running shortly after I started running again. I tried & tried to stick with this guy, but I finally had to walk again. I ended up doing the 1.5 miles in about 17:30 - not bad for me.

Afterwards, there are usually seminars. Today, though, it was just an introduction - how to stay safe, introducing coaches (each group has a head coach and several assistants), etc. We will always try to be done with the runs by 8 am & the seminars are over by 8:30 or 9. I'll be missing quite a few weeks as we are often at the lakehouse, but I'll do as many runs as I can!

When I got home, I used the password to see the entire 6 month schedule. Hmmm...the HM group's mileage picks up VERY SLOWLY! I'm not sure this will work! If I stick with this group, I'll have to do 'long runs' during the week!

So, I emailed the coaches a few minutes ago. I'm thinking about switching to the Red Group - the 'slow' marathon group. They actually only have 3 runs that are over 13 miles and the miles pick up fast enough for me to be ready for my first HM in November. So, I'm waiting to hear from them! I'm just 'afraid' that I'll be the slowest one in the group! It was kind of nice, today, to be decidedly middle of the pack...something I haven't had before! (I'm always near the back).

I'll let you all know how it is going! I think this'll be a lot of fun - making friends and running together. And, when we compete, we wear matching, very BOLD, shirts! We can cheer each other on. I'm excited!!!

I also heard back from my potential coach. I'm really thinking about adding her, too, even if just to help me plan out the rest of my week. She would give me actual paces and distances and can work one-on-one with me as needed. We'll see! I'll at least do the initial consult - hopefully early next week!

If she's just helping me with running, I also want to get a personal trainer for strength training like I had before. I'll have to be looking for that, too....or I might stick to group workouts as I'll have more time on my hands when school starts. I enjoy both - the one-on-one AND the class atmospheres. So, we'll see!

I'm off to the lake in awhile...and hoping to waterski some more!!! Have a great weekend! And, for those of your racing, have a GREAT RACE!!! (And, remember to hydrate!)

Take care!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    YOU CAN DO IT!!! And you ARE inspiring!! :)

    Joining running groups sounds like a great idea--how did you find them?
    3671 days ago
    It's always great to have the company of others to cheer each other on...!

    3671 days ago
    Sounds like a great fit! Keep us posted!
    3671 days ago
    Hey! Really proud you went to the group! It can be kind of intimidating at first and you shouldn't worry about being the slowest! Runners are usually a really supportive group of people! Keep us posted on how it goes.
    3672 days ago
    You have great plans to help improve your running. I think the group runs sound fun and challenging all the same. Have fun at the lake. I hope you are skiing all week.
    3672 days ago
    Sounds like you're off to a great start! Keep up the good work and keep us informed. Goo luck. emoticon
    3672 days ago
    I have definitely found running to be an amazing way to meet people and become friends!! Even though our marathon training is over, I still run with a core group of the same people at least once or twice every week. I'm actually a little afraid that I can no longer run more than 8-10K alone!!! Our running coach warned us that we would no longer be able to run for a bus alone, and I'm starting to believe him!
    I hope you love your training group and make some great friendships!!
    3672 days ago
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