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Friday, July 15, 2011

Here's an email I sent my sister-in-law today. She's now scheduled to run her first marathon in less than 90 days. She's also starting to consider an IronMan triathlon and sent me a link to a blog about 4 moms training for an IM in 2012. ironmoms2012.blogspot.co

Wow! I read the entire blog...pretty impressive. As far as triathlons...for me, the swimming is just plain HARD! I was fine in the pool. It gets kind of relaxing and it's so quiet when you practice. But, I do find it more 'boring' than running & swimming. And, when I did my OWS (open water swim) practice & the real tri in the lake, yikes! It is downright SCARY! I felt like I could drown, and I've never had that kind of panic before.

I guess it's just a matter of getting used to it. People actually practice OWS with others close beside you - even knocking into you on purpose. At this point, I can kind of imagine running for 26.2 miles or biking for 112, but I can NOT imagine swimming one inch farther than I already did!

Yes, I'm scared to do it again! So, my friend who has done sprint tris says I need to get back there and do it again. But, at this point, I'm saying 'why'? I don't care if I ever swim again...at least at this point in time.

I know one of the ladies on the blog said she could only doggy paddle when she started in '08, I believe. Maybe I just need to train with a real group. I'm undecided as to what I'm doing beyond the 3 half marathons I have planned for Nov-Jan. I was going to then train for the MS150 (180 miles in 2 days) in April, but I try to do most of my training on 'my' time instead of family time. But, there's just no way around it when training for those kinds of distances...I'd have to do long rides on Sats &/or Suns for about 10 weeks. So I'm undecided.

If I don't start training for MS150, I will probably join a group and start trianing for some more tris in the spring/summer. But, I'd just HAVE TO be more comfortable in the water before I do another tri with an OWS.

Oh, and I ran this morning. First time ever that I didn't eat or drink before hand - plus I didn't bring any water. Well, I paid for it! After 1st mile, I got really dizzy & lightheaded...felt faint. It happened again after 2nd mile. So, I just ended up walking the 3rd mile. Felt much better after about 5 mins, some water & a banana. Lesson learned!

Have a great day! I still plan on doing some ST or pilates today, too.
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  • ROXIT22222
    I'm scarred to even try my first tri. Hopping that by this spring summer I will feel better about it. I have other things I want to do first. Funny I think that tri's are the womens mid-life around here. 4 of our 40+ friends are doing them, and have only just started in the past. It's a scarry thing todo. I hate the running, the swimming is no biggie to me. (says a person who hasn't done one yet).
    3664 days ago
    I can relate to you on the swimming. Some how, the swimming makes me uneasy but yet I love doing triathlons. I know I just need to focus more and practice to get better. Swimming usually takes a back seat to running & cycling but I'm trying to change that. I would recommend choosing a triathlon that has lots of support in the water. Do you have Trek or Danskin series in your town? They have swim angels and boats out in the water. If you ever get tired and want to take a break, that's what the support is for. It'll make you feel more confident in the water, knowing there is help if you need it.
    3665 days ago
    I'll check out the link. As for triathlons, you are ahead of me. It's going to take me time, but I will get there. I'll be sure to let you know.

    Please keep me up-to-date on your progress. You can tackle anything! That is why we train! YOU CAN DO IT!
    3667 days ago
    Thats impressive! I don't know about 3 sports. I like to ride a bike, but just casually.!! Sometimes I am not sure who is more nuts, my friend who want to complete an ironman, or me who wants to do a 100 miler!!! I think you could so do it! Nothing like having a group though! People to work with is more motivating than going to alone. Keep us posted!
    3667 days ago
    You got me reading up on the IronMoms. The idea has been floating around in my head fora while now and your blog got me a'thinkin' again! The run scares me the most. My feel get so dang sore even though I had the surgery to help that out last year. If I can make it through my first full marathon in October, then I think the Ironman is doable.

    I think that overcoming a fear is not always possible, but facing and taking a fear on is possible. I read once that if you have a nightmare with monsters chasing you that in your nightmare you should boldly turn around a scream at the monster.. face it and tell it you won't be intimidated by it. Strangely, the next time I had one of those nightmares, I actually followed that advice and it actually worked. I felt so empowered by realizing that my biggest hurdle was turning around and facing my fear.

    And... in this case... your additional training in swimming might also bolster your resolve. You are right. Being out in the open water is such a different experience than being in a pool. So doing everything you can to be stronger in the water can only be a good thing!

    Thanks for sharing.. and for me.. your blog got me to think about facing my fear of such a dang long run!!!

    Looking forward to hearing what you decide.
    3667 days ago
    I definitely think that you should give a triathlon a 'TRI' again. Ehmmmm, I believe I am the lady that you are referring to that could only do the doggy paddle. I took swim lessons to learn how to do freestyle. I definitely recommend lessons or a master's group (which I still have yet to join). I can understand being scared though, I still feel nervous each & every time before the swim portion of a tri & that is the only area I feel like that. But you know what...when you are standing there on the beach EVERYONE is scared over the swim! The group training sounds wonderful, if you can, I think that you should do it. Totally understand the time commitment, I feel very much the same that training time should not disrupt family time. But you can be creative with your schedule. For me that means waking up very early on weekend mornings to get in long bike rides/runs etc. It's possible & by the time I get home my family is really just getting moving (so jealous of that by the way). Whatever you decide I'm sure that you will pick the challenge best suited for you.
    3667 days ago
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