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Thursday, July 14, 2011

So I've been experimenting with the BodyRock workouts and alternating with running since June. With the exception of the beginning of July. Somehow I lost my focus.

In attempt to get back on track and focus on my goals, I made myself a BodyRock notebook.

On the inside I put a calendar for July so that I can record what workout I did that day and then how long it took. I figure this way I can look at the month as a whole and see what workouts I did. Also, I am hoping it will make it easy to focus on making sure I do at least 5 workouts a week.

Behind the calendar I am going to write out what the workout was and how many reps I did of each workout. Zuzanna does this and she goes back and does some of her old workouts to see if she can beat her old scores. I figured I better do this too so I'll be able to see how I improve.

Yesterday I did the Hot Marine Corps workout and I am very sore today.

Today I looked for a new workout but there wasn't a new one listed yet. So, I looked under the archive and there was a 20 minute Interval Cardio workout. There is 5 parts, each of them 4 minutes. During each part, you do 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. It seemed like less than a 10 second break cause I was freaking winded.

Part 1: High Knees with Jump Rope
Part 2: Burpees with a Pushup and Jump Up
Part 3: Jump Lunges (I was dead at this point)
Part 4: Long jump forward, with 2 jumps back
Part 5: Jump forward with 1 leg, jump back on the other leg and switch

Whew. Glad that is over with.

So that is my plan. Body Rock 5 days a week.

Also, I was reading through her 5 week challenge for maximum fat loss. She recommends 5 meals per day, each with a palm size serving of lean protein plus 2 cups of vegetables. Or, 1 cup of vegetable and 1 cup of fruit. Those are the only carbs she recommends during the challenge unless you earn them. After your workout you can have other carbs such as whole wheat pasta, brown rice, potatoes, etc, but only up to 2 hours after your workout. I am trying this today, and I'm going to try the day after that. When I think of 5 weeks of this I get really overwhelmed. So, I'm taking it one day at a time.

I need some ideas though so non-carb meals besides:
cottage cheese with tomatoes
greek yogurt with fruit
salad with turkey or tuna

Any suggestions?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    looks like a great plan! and I think you have all my ideas on low-carb meal ideas! eggs, greek yogurt, veggies, lean meats..
    I'm going to have to look into that BodyRock plan you have there.. looks like a good one!
    Go get it!

    3590 days ago
  • no profile photo TDIDDY1908
    I've been wanting to create a Bodyrock plan to do after Insanity. I think I will do it 5 days a week. That is a good starting point. For non carb foods: salads, grilled/baked chicken or fish.
    3591 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4632611
    Wow! You are doing awesome. I am so proud that instead of letting your stress eat you up, that you are taking charge and using it for motivation.

    I've been off spark for a while (a month or so) and just came by to catch up on your blogs. Keep it up!
    3591 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1975633
    Egg Scramble, I use non-stick cooking spray and saute veggies (zucchini, broccoli, bell peppers, tomatoes, etc.) then add a little garlic. Push the veggies the side and add a scrambled egg in the middle, scramble. Once cooked, add in some Canadian bacon, salt and pepper to taste. If I need a healthy fat, I add chopped avocado on top. Love this! So yummy!
    3593 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6619209
    A salad with hard boiled eggs and feta cheese would be a good one :)

    That's all I can think of at the moment...I can't do the bodyrock workouts...she annoys me like no other but her workouts kick ass....so more power to ya!!

    3593 days ago
  • LUCKY117
    Oh and awesome, I see you finished Insanity!! I am only on day 11--long way to go but I love it so far!!
    3594 days ago
  • LUCKY117
    I love Zuzanna and BodyRock!! I haven't done it too much yet because I discovered it right before I started the Insanity 60 day workout, but I plan on getting back into the BodyRock workouts when I'm done!! The notebook is a neat idea--I had been toying with a way to find & group all the exercises that don't require the sandbag or some other type of equipment that I don't have...
    3594 days ago
    Hi there! emoticon
    Saw your blog from the Bodyrockers Spark team. Your plan looks great, i love your notebook and all the pics you've put together. I love my file with completed workouts in.. and it's so good to look back on your old scores and see your improvements in black and white!

    Hmmm non carb meals... For smaller meals i'll have a just a meal full of fruit, as i won't count the natural sugars as real carbs... but you mightn't like that. I love to have a fillet of fish with lots of different veggies or salad stuffs. Or i'll take a regular meal, but either take the carbs out that would usually go with it, or replace it with more veggies. You mentioned omelette, there's lots of stuff you can do with eggs. Oh i know! I like to have scrambled eggs with canned tomatoes, you could maybe add some lean turkey bacon or something to that if you wanted more? I add some chilli to give it a little difference when i get bored.

    Hope this helped a little bit! Goodluck with your BodyRock plan! =D
    3594 days ago
    BLT wraps (wrap bacon, or substitute meat, tomatoes, onions and whatever else in the lettuce leaf.

    Cabbage rolls (roll ground beef, or ground pork, onions, finely minced veggies of choice *optional* and spices in cabbage leaf, slow cook in tomato sauce (good for a crock pot) I am sure you can find recipes for these online (some have rice in the mixture, so you may have to omit that).

    Broccoli, bell pepper and sausage stir fry (though bell peppers, especially the red and yellow have a fair amount of carbs). You can use turkey or chicken sausage for a lower fat option. Brown the sausage first, then throw in broccoli, then the peppers.

    I am not sure what you meant by non-carb. I assumed that meant no bread, pasta, rice or starches. I hope these help.
    3594 days ago
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