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Extreme Push Challenge- Day 20

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So- I am back in happy land- I had a chat with my coach, Lauren, last night- and I am glad I did because today was a much better day. :)

I decided to quit the scale- cold turkey for a while- I was letting a little 2 lb gain ruin several positives that I had overlooked- I am no longer going to put value in the scale. I left the 8 lb per month challenge- because I want to focus on my habits and my self esteem and confidence- and not a number on the scale.

So- I learned last night that there is value in counting calories. I counted my calories today (every bite) and I am very glad that I did. Im not even trying to stay under a certain number right now- Just trying to stay healthy and track so I know where I am at. I have never considered this babystep before. I was either all in- not going over 1200 cals per day- or forget it... and eating only God knows how many calories when I wasn't watching it because I am over coming a food addiction.

It felt good to give myself some freedom in the food world and still feel like I was in control/calorie counting. I did make some smart choices- like looking at calories on line before going to Fazoli's for lunch today. I thought of you Lauren when I was dunking my 150 calorie breadstick in Marinara Sauce! (She told me last night shes crazy for Marinara) Anywayz- I looked up my calories on line- Still got pasta- still ate bread stix, but the old Sherri would have been furious that the breadstick lady hadn't been back around yet- but I was happy with my 2 breadstix that I ate.

Tonight I went to the barn and did some stuff with Sinbad (my horse) to get ready for a show in September. While I was up there working with him, I was so happy. This is what I love. It is what I am good at. Its what I want to be better at and learn more of. I want to spend the next few weeks strengthing both me and Sinbad- then I want to spend the following week with the goal in mind to get to the point where I was last year when I went to the show. This will take me to about August 2nd- and then I will have the entire month to excel- and tap into my true riding potential. My mom is one of the best horsemen I know, so I can get some free lessons from her---

So I decided tonight that since I am already putting the next month and a half into preparing for this horse show- I really want to take the value out of my scale- I will not weigh myself until my horseshow is over. I am putting value in drinking my water daily. Counting my calories 6 days a week. Working out 6 times a week and training Sinbad 6 days per week.

Lauren said something last night that really hit me- I asked her what made her cross over from knowing what she needed to do and actually doing it. She explained (in much better words than what I am about to type I am sure- she said it good) That when you start to become confident, and your self esteem goes up, and you really start to value yourself- you find it easy to do good things for your body because you get to a place where you feel you are worth it. You think about how you feel after you eat stuff... And you will be like.. ya know- that 3rd slice of pizza looks really great but I think Im going to pass today because I know how I will feel if I eat that....

Ok- wow Sherri- Long entry today- You go girl!! :)

My workout today- no formal workout today but I walked and did some jogging beside my horse about an hour tonight. I also brushed him with a curry comb for about an hour afterwards... talk about an arm workout! I feel like I got good activity in today.
Calories- Counted all of my calories today- Yay! Trust in Lauren- there is value in the little things!
Motivation- my new found motivation above on the show- and continuing to focus on calories- that is my toughest thing
Positive- No more Scale making me sad! I am putting my values in things like calorie tracking, water drinking, and researching things to help me acheive my goals.
Thankful- I am thankful for resturants that have nutrition information! Thank you Fazoli's and Culvers (culvers is tomorrow- and I already checked it out... I normally don't eat out this much (really) but I have a lunch date with a friend almost every day this week. :)

Whew- Sorry for spelling errors- eyelids heavy -good night sparkies!! :)
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    SHERRRRRRI! oh my gosh, this entry made me so, so, so, so HAPPY! Seriously! I am so proud of you and how quickly you tried to adapt to this thought process. By the way, when you decide to start monitoring your calories...1200 calories is TOO low right now. I would stick around 1400-1600. Just a reminder for when we move to that phase, I do not want to forget to tell you that because it's VERY important in order to lose the maximum amount of weight possible. Remind me to explain what happens if you eat 1200 calories (besides being crabby because you probably feel hungry a lot-haha). So happy for you!!!

    3675 days ago
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