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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Yesterday was a great day.

I hit my 145 goal, I posted the bikini photo for NATKITAS challenge (which I think everyone should join), I did my PUBLIC bikini reveal, and went to the Angels baseball game last night!

Yesterday I went to the pool at my friends apartment complex. It was more public than at my gym, but thats better. And, I am proud of myself for doing it. Walked in with my cover up but then took that off and went into the pool. Sure, I felt the jiggle wiggle, and I have a long way to go before im CONFIDENT in it to where I dont want to run to my cover up, but i still did the public reveal and didnt feel ashamed after! thats definitely progress.

Last night at the game, I had fun! The Angels were shut out by the Dodgers, but it was a blast. Trash talking with dodger fans, my voice was hoarse from all the screaming and yelling I did, and my hands were hurtin from all the clapping. I had my baseball dog and my beer (and some other treats) which put me WAY over points, but I enjoyed every bite.

This morning, I'm sure I am up, but I know its temporary. I have to allow room for splurges because thats life! And, I love my hot dogs and all that yummy stuff. To make up for it? Well, I had my 7 mile run this morning. It was already WAAAARM (80 degrees) so I was absolutely drenched in sweat, but I still did a great pace. (about 10 min mile stready)! And burned 800 calories.

Today, going to do laundry, and maybe head to the pool (yes in my bikini!). Going to make sure I stay within my points today, and thats about all thats on tap!

Hope you all have a wonderful LONG weekend!
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