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Dodged that bullet!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today was a long work day..it was pretty much a repeat of my work day last thursday. Never ending, long, and stressful. Anyway, the bummer was I had to cancel on my cousin, because I wouldnt even be leaving the nursing facility until after 5 and was over an hour away from my office, let alone his apartment.

This morning, I forgot my breakfast. I was starving early, so I ate my lunch. And my snacks. I was hungry ALL DAY LONG!! Hate days like that. When I finally left the facility I NEEDED to eat. Around me, I was surrounded by fast food. My mind was already wanting to blow it for the day..I was in a horrible mood and I found out that tomorrow (tues) I have to go to the facility where the therapist harrasses me. So, thats been eating me inside too which just makes me want to emotionally eat. Anyway, I texted a friend and asked her to look up weight watcher points for me for taco bell or carls jr turkey burger. She told me turkey burger was 13 points. And gave me other options as well. Thought about it and made my decision. I pulled up to the drive thru and got the guacamole turkey burger. "do you want fries with that?" umm absolutely I do..but did I get them? No. "no thanks, just a small diet coke". And I was on my way.

Drove to the office and by the time I finished, it was around 7pm. Tired, still cranky but not hungry. Needed to run but not in the mood, and esp because working out after 7 means ill be up LATE. I was debating, but then MSEVERLAST text me and got me motivated. So, I drove to the gym. She called me and we chatted for a bit which got me in a better mood, and inspired. We hung up and I immediately changed, hopped on the treadmill. Set my incline and my pace and was off! I thought the marathon plan said 4 miles, so I pushed through (mentally tough workout). I was seriously staring at my pace and the clock the entire time! ugh. Hate that. Finished though, and burned 470 calories.

Got home, DIDNT eat a SECOND dinner, but had water and a dannon light n fit with frozen berries. Just over a point for the day, but with exercise I am TOTALLY in the clear..I havent even used my 49 weekly allowance points!

Get this. I look at my marathon schedule..DIDNT have to do 4 miles, only 3! MAAAAN! oh well, obviously wont hurt me. Tomorrow I have an active recovery 4 miler on tap. Hoping to do it before my stressful workday and then may do strength after to help relieve all that built up from the day.

Okay, let me tell you something. My arms are STILL feeling it from paddleboarding on saturday! Phew! I was SOOOOORE sunday like nobodys business and WIPED out!!!

Hope you all had a decent monday. Heres to a happy, healthy tuesday...and praying that the PT weirdo calls in sick :(
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