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Amazingly Active Day!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I am BEAT. I have been go, go, go all day, and burning calories like a mad woman!

First up..8:45 am 6 mile run. Was a great run, steady pace and no side stitches (been happening frequently). For that reason, I brought along my big ol fuel belt (4 bottles, a little heavy LOL). Forgot what it was like to run with it but did juuust fine! Didnt need the water or the powerade zero, but glad I had it just in case. My Nike + calibration is off, it said my pace was 9:15 and I can tell you right now, there is NO WAY that is possible! I am not speedy like that! More like 10-10:30 minute mile. Felt good to run for that long and push myself again. Calorie burn? 790 calories!

Met a friend for starbucks and cooled down with my unsweetened passion iced tea, then headed home to shower and have some lunch.

Was short on time by the time I finished showering, so I made my smoothie for lunch, then quick change into swimsuit, shorts and tank top and headed for my cousins house. Then, off to paddle board!

Okay..it was tough! A lot tougher than I first thought. I was definitely shaky, so I made the guy help me ONTO the board and not let go of me until I felt a little better. He told me to keep my knees bent the entire time (so holding a squat) so I would have better balance. Then paddling..holy COW! you have to paddle HARD and DEEP otherwise because of the motion of the ocean (heehee) and the boats that drive around you and make waves, you end up where you DONT wanna be! My first 15 minutes out on the water were crazy. I couldnt figure out how to turn or stop, and I ended up running into a parked boat LOL. I'm just glad no one was on board!
My cousin and his friend caught me and we went around the harbor..I was slower than them (not as much upper body strength) PLUS I would sort of stop paddling because when boats would fly by, I could only concentrate on NOT FALLING OVER! There were some shaky moments but I NEVER FELL IN! We paddled over to the little beach and I got off the board and back on just to make sure I would be able to do it if I had to in the middle of the water..and I could!
Calorie burn? not sure, no one has paddle boarding listed and didnt wear my HR monitor but let me tell you, paddling back to the rental place, I was going AGAINST wind, fighting waaaaay more boats than when we started and fatigue it was DEFINITELY a workout and my arms are totally feeling it..not to mention when I got off the board my legs were a little jello-ish because of being in a squat the whole time and gripping the board for dear life! I would guess i burned as much (if not more) than I would kayaking so around 300 some odd calories.

Quick change at home then headed to dinner. Went to Panera bread and had 1/2 turkey sandwich and cup of chicken noodle soup..only 7 weight watcher points! Yessss!!
Then yogurtland..14 points but totally had points for it and ended my day with just being 1 point over! Not bad AT ALL especially considering I earned 18 activity points JUST FOR TODAY!

Tomorrow? reeeesting, relaxing and an easy 3 mile run is on tap. Maybe the spa at the gym, not sure yet..not quite sure if im ready for an early bikini reveal!

Wonderful, active, tiring saturday. Hope you all had a great one too!
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    That sounds like an awesome day! I'd love to try paddleboarding someday. Good for you for not overeating after all the exercise. You must have been hungry! I would definitely eat too much after all that, myself! haha
    3404 days ago
    Oh man I can only imagine how your body should be feeling today. What a complete workout you got in between those activities. I'm keeping an eye out for a convenient paddle boarding deal on Groupon to try it out myself.

    Great job kicking off marathon training on such a high note!
    3405 days ago
    I'm sure you looked just like Aniston on that paddle board. :-)
    And, if you didn't ... you will after a few more times.

    BTW - did you see she got her first tattoo?
    3405 days ago
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