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Mio Liquid Water Enhancer - Great Stuff!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I must admit, as much as I LOVE water, I occasionally feel the need to switch it up so instead of adding empty calories to my lifestyle (this is not a diet) I pull out my Mio!!!

The mini bottle is so small you can throw it in your purse or even put it in our pocket. They have 6 different flavors (My fave is the fruit punch).

Here's the nutrional value on it:

Calories - ZERO
Total Fat - ZERO
Sodium - ZERO
Sugars - ZERO
Protein - ZERO

Keep in mind, it is a bit pricey, one bottle is about $3.49, however, it has about 24 servings (more or less depending on how much you squirt in your water).
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