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Trying to find my way back...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hey there. I am really, really struggling. I have not exercised or logged food in a long time. I hate this feeling but I just can't seem to find my mojo to get back.

First of all, I am so tired. All. the. time. I have a Dr appointment in a few weeks, so hopefully he can figure something out. I'm betting thyroid as I had part of mine removed a while back. Sometimes it makes enough hormones that I don't need meds, sometimes it doesn't. Ugh.

The other thing holding me back is my schedule. The kiddos are out of school now and life is just plain out crazy. Not only do I have my 3 home, I watch other people's kids pretty much every day. So no lazy, summer sleep in days here! Also, my kids are all involved in baseball and softball. We are at a field somewhere pretty much every day. I talked a big game a few months ago saying I wasn't going to give in to the call of the concession stand/ drive thru. But it is so much easier. Sigh...

I'm not looking for a pity party, I just needed to put it out there why I have been absent on SP. I know what I need to do to get back on track, I am having trouble figuring out how to get motivated again.

Thanks for listening to me whine!!


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    I feel your pain-it's hard to have get up and go when you're exhausted. Hopefully the doc will be able to get you back on the right track with your thyroid.

    The concession stand/drive through-can you pack a healthy snack bag with some non perishable healthy snacks that you can keep on hand and then throw a piece of fruit or a bag of veggies or what not in there as you're heading out the door?

    Hang in there and keep working at it woman-figuring out what works for you and your family doesn't always happen as fast as we'd like but if you keep at it you'll hit your stride and be kicking butt. emoticon
    3703 days ago
    Doogs, we suck. We were all set to go head to head and see who could lose 100lbs first. Instead, we seem to be going for whoever can lose it the slowest. We're both losing - and I don't mean the pounds. I'm putting my foot down - we've got to get our poo together. Every single day you and I will find someway to get it together. Between your day care and my homeschool, your softball, my scouts and church - we're both crazy. But we can do it. I know we can. Together. Remember, we're the moms of the two boys that are going to take over the world ... or get jailed together. xoxo
    3704 days ago
    You aren't the only one, Dugie. I haven't logged food in forever until yesterday (and then I crapped out after half a day). Could you maybe walk laps around the field during the games or practices? Just to start getting yourself moving? Exercise is the only thing I haven't stopped doing and it has been my saving grace knowing that AT LEAST I haven't given up entirely. I'm starting to feel my mojo trying to find its way back to me - hopefully you will too!

    3704 days ago
    Ask your doctor about the eating too, she/he may have some good ideas. Those doctors know some stuff, sometimes more than we give them credit for. I hope you get some answers any maybe meds are the answer. I also hope that you can find a way to make some good choices and find time for yourself. I know just how you feel and wish I had some brilliant advice. But, you are in a rough spot with kids climbing all over you and your house all hours of the day. Can you take them all out for a walk?? Start a 'health club' of your own with the daycare kids!
    3704 days ago
    It's good to hear from you Dugie! We missed you. Is there any way you can involve the kids in exercise? Like playing soccer (you play too) or running races or something like that?

    I hope the doctor can get to the bottom of your tiredness issue. That is a bummer.
    3704 days ago
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