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Tornado 5 miles from us

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hi It was too close for comfort. It was just a watch and I was talking to a friend that calmed me down. So then it was like all of a sudden weirdness started to happen. I got a call from one of the daycare kid's grandmother that told me it had changed to a warning and needed to get in the basement NOW. Freaked me out. Then I heard that the tornado hit Springfield and I got the kids their shoes on and headed to the basement. While trying to get there my mother calls me to ask why am I not in the basement yet. I told her I was trying to get there but had to answer the phone and I would call her when it was over. So just a strong storm here. Came up stairs and my brother called and asked if we were okay and to tell me that another storm with Tornadoes was coming and to get back in the basement. This storm was loud, windy and very scary. everyone was calling me and I hate talking on the phone during a storm. Then we came up stairs for the 2nd time and I called my mother back to let her know that a tornado was 1/2 mile from her house and that is why she has no power and sirens were going off. I looked at the map again and there was this little storm coming nothing big but it hit MA and grew so fast and so big that I start loading up the basement with chairs, snacks and the power cord for the computer. Headed down and it was really windy. About 45 minutes goes by and I heard someone come in the house. It was my husband who I had no way to get in contact with. He left work at 530pm and had no way to get here all the roads were closed and he had no clue we had multiple tornadoes. every which way he went was closed, after we found out that every which way he went was where the tornado was. Scary!!! He finally just got on the highway which he was told was closed and it wasn't. He got home 3 hours later. Where he works is right over the bridge from Springfield. He was on the south side of this major road that got hit on the north side. So close but they had no idea what was going on either. It was just totally weird how things changed in a matter of minutes and you had to think on your toes and move. I had to make a decision about going to the basement and had to move quickly. I am glad it is over but I am still freaked out by all the pictures of it and I have to go to my parents house and see the damage around them and I don't know if I can handle that. My parents house is fine. No trees down or anything but it was close. Today Friday they still have no power. But they don't care they are in Alaska. They left the day after the storm. Sorry this is late. Was trying to deal with everything and emptying my parents fridge and freezer. The didn't have power until Saturday. Everything was gross and all I could smell was mold and it kicked up my asthma so now I have been hurting all week. We had some pretty nasty storms last night. We were in the basement again even though there was no tornadac activity in these cells. But the kids were freaked out by the wind. I am going to try and post some pics. Let's see if I can get this to work.

Jenn emoticon
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    WOW Jenn. I'm glad everyone is ok emoticon I saw some of the damage on the news here. You and your family are in our prayers.
    3550 days ago
    How horrible! So glad you're all ok. We are dealing with rain storms here. We had 4.6 inches fall in a half hour and all the sewers flooded. We had 4 inches of sewage in our basement. We had a water removal company come yesterday and we lost all the furniture and carpeting down there. Today is cleaning and doing laundry and waiting for the insurance company to come. There was so much water flowing that it blew the sewer lids in the street into the air. And lightning hit my tree out front and now half of it is missing. Hope this is the end of this freaky weather!
    3552 days ago
    WOW! Such devastation! So glad you and your family are safe and your homes are unharmed! emoticon
    3552 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    yikes...I'm glad your doing fine. Thats alot of damage in your pictures.

    I've had a couple of tornato warning in my area but it went south of me...whew....and hit Joplin, MO and another town bad.

    and now there is some type of weather going on around here, tonight.

    3552 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/10/2011 9:20:00 PM
    Some areas were hit harder then others. Some neighborhoods just opened yesterday to pass on the roads. There are house totally gone and then other houses right next door that are fine. There has been tons of donations given to all that were affected. even people making lunches and bringing them to people everyday. People with chainsaws going to help get rid of trees. Lots of house up for demolition. Very sad but I did donate some sandwich meat, water, bread, crackers and juice so people could have something to eat ASAP. I have also helped deliver items. Lots to do lots going on too to help raise money. Well I am off to go back to my parents house to fill the fridge of all the items I threw away. They need something to eat when they get home!!!!
    3552 days ago
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