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I am torn/Head is spinning - when do you know if the time is Now?

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

So some of you know I went to see an Open House on Sunday a 2 Bedroom Condo. This has been up for a few weeks and at present is being sold privately by the current owner.

So I saw the add and drooled at the pictures for a couple of weeks and when this past weekend there was an Open House I went. Took my 17 yr old daughter and my mother also.

It was just as beautiful as the pictures. The owners have updated all the applicances in the past couple of years (stainless) and have put in new counter tops in the kitchen -put in a Butchers Block and put in a serve window to open the kitchen to the dining area. The dining area is also open to the living room area so it is an open concept and very inviting. The colors / walls have been recently painted and are beautiful.

It has hardwood floors and ceramic and the only carpet - berber in the livingroom. Unit is 2 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. It is on the top floor end unit of a three level building that only has 6 units total. 1125 Sq Ft.

Updates over the past few years include roof, siding and decks.

So why the stress - why the hesitation? Well my friend would say because I am a "Virgo" - we are not impulsive and like to plan things out lol. I had in my thoughts of moving and downsizing after my daughter finishes high school - she has one more year next yr. We are presently in a 3 bedroom house - finished up stairs and down so approx. 2300 sq ft. We also have a double detached garage and a large lot - so lots of moving and snow removal.

My house is not up for sale at present (as I was not even thinking of moving now) - but the condo above is in the perfect location - I soooo love the area. It would cut down my driving time to work by at least 1/2 so that would save in time and gas. Also we would be on a bus route which we are not on now.

My daughter is all for it. It is me with all the questions/hesitation and negativity.

So I talking to a co worker and she said "there is never a good time to move" and another friend agreed but said "but is the time right" ?

I am not sure if I am really ready in my mind to give up the large suburbs area I have now - large yard, lots of trees, gardens, quiet dead end street for a top unit condo - with a view over looking the pool - oh yes there is a pool and tennis court (and I took up tennis last year). I realize that condo living is different - it would free up some "me time" with the cut down of cleaning and updating a house - and no yard work or shoveling.

But I do loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this condo and I know if I wait a year the chances of this price / the location and the condo that I fall in love with will probably not happen again.

I also think I can get enough out of my house to purchase this Condo and not have a mortgage. And condo fees are really low compared to most in this area.

I have a list of pros and cons and the Pros are outweighing the cons.

I would have to go through and de-clutter and throw out - omy nerves the thoughts makes me want to throw up..ughh - I would probably sell most of my furniture and just buy new for the living room/dining area and new bedroom suite.

I have questions for the owner that I am going to email today.

HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP I am driving myself around the bend.

Any suggestions / thoughts ?

P.S. I would not be able to take my treadmill or any exercise equipment. Will I become lazier - I need the activity. I love being outdoors will I feel like a bird cooped up in a cage ?????

Thanks you guys are the best.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I just read your blog this morning and now I am wondering how things are going for you. My husband and I are still in our house but we are thinking ahead to the next stage. I agree that it is hard to know just when is the 'right' time.

    Judy emoticon
    3134 days ago
    Hey Hun!

    I've not read anyone else's comments, so perhaps they have already told you what I'm gonna tell you. But you're overthinking this. You want a change, you want life to be a bit easier... so just do it. Of course it's terrifying to consider such a change cuz you're moving out of your comfort zone... but that's what makes life so damn cool!! You sound like you are ready for change but that you just need to get the courage to take a deep breath and go for it - moving sucks! lol! Do it, and have a blast! :))

    3144 days ago
    "how do you get rid of 20+ yrs of crap in two level house with 2 car detached garage !!"

    When my ex inherited his parents' house, and we had to sell it, I had to go through 2 floors + basement + cubby holes + garage, because he couldn't deal with it himself. I had help. A LOT of help. Like you, we were in a situation that we had to make the move within a couple months, and his parents had lived there over 30 years. After family took what they wanted, I called the Salvation Army Thrift Store, and they showed up with a 10-ton truck. Back 'er up, boys! Just let me tilt the house so you can shake everything out! :-D I suspect a lot of the garage stuff wouldn't come with you anyway, but do you have a storage unit with your condo? If not, you might want to consider renting a storage unit in town somewhere, until you have the mindset and the energy to deal with all those belongings that may not have room.

    Good luck, remember to let us know how much your house is worth, and what you decide to do.
    3145 days ago
    Thanks everyone - the past few days been thinking lots.

    Jo - no indoor gym, but outdoor pool and tennis court. I would not be able to take my tread mill cause it would just be too crowded and it would have to go in my bedroom. But Condo is located in beautiful area and not far from walking trails and a lake. I do belong to Curves now also. I would have to concentrate on more DVD's for the home exercise for sure.

    The move part really makes me want to throw up .. get this I only moved from my family home to the home I am in now. Have been in this one since 1986. So moving to a Condo would be soooo different and I am fearful that I would feel like a freaking bird in a cage.

    Yes Carol There is a balcony - so yes to flowers - and there would always gardening to do elsewhere - I would not miss the shoveling or the mowing of my hills.

    I have contact a Real Estate agent and have an appt tomorrow - Sat afternoon for my house evaluation.

    I spoke to the bank.

    I did get an email from the Condo Owner and unit is still available - so I told him to tell me his price he has in mind and see if we can make this feasible for both. He would have to agree to a conditional offer (on the condition my house sells) and he seemed receptive to this on Sunday at the OPen House. It would probably all have to take place at the most in 2 months - holy frigg how do you get rid of 20+ yrs of crap in two level house with 2 car detached garage !!

    If I can get the price I think from my house i could do this for mortgage free and only have a low condo fee - and with my car being paid for next month OMG - I could be in a whole different position.

    My daughter who just turned 17 wants to MOVE lol she loves it.

    So thanks for all your comments and support.

    NewfieGal - I neeed that phone call. lol

    Hugs to you all
    emoticon emoticon
    3145 days ago
    You might have a list of Pros & Cons, but not every line in each column would carry the same weight. That said, if stress over moving is the biggest Con, well, it sounds like that NewfieGirlHere that we all know & love will help you out. I wish I were closer, I'd bring over a whole bunch of boxes and start packing with ya! *hugs* And you mentioned you fear getting lazy because you won't have all the outdoor house chores to do. Does that condo have indoor gym facilities? In the only condo I've visited, there was a gym facility on each floor, plus an indoor pool. You wouldn't have time to be lazy, you'd be at the gym as much as you could!

    Try putting a value between 1-5 for each of the Pro & Con items, based on importance of that item. Then tally them up, and if Pro still comes out ahead, you will at least know where you stand. That's what I did when I was trying to decide which career path to take, and it worked out pretty good for me.
    3147 days ago
    ok so, I am gonna call ya tonight cause I got alot to say and no time to type it all:))) are ya gonna be home??
    Oh and just to let you know, I have no problem coming out and helping you declutter, and as for the treadmill I have one so feel free to stop by anytime emoticon emoticon
    3147 days ago
    I read the 'mortgage' thing wrong and thought you would gain a mortgage with this move...that's a hard decision! I wouldn't be able to give up the yard/trees,etc. BUT,I'm a born and raised country gal. Say a prayer and ask for guidance in this huge matter. The condo does sound fabulous,though.
    3147 days ago
    Hey, partner, that's a lot to think about for sure, and very, very subjective. I know what I would do if it were me, but you are doing the right thing, thinking about it carefully before leaping. If you opt for condo living, you can still enjoy the outdoors. I'm sure there's parks nearby, and the fact there's tennis courts is a plus. The fact there's a swimming pool is REALLY great. As for your exercise equipment, you can always join a gym. You didn't say if it had a balcony, but if it does, you can still use your green thumb to do container gardening.
    Moving does suck, but living without a mortgage would more than compensate for that. Whatever you do, it will be the right thing, so trust yourself.
    BTW, I'm a Virgo too!!!
    3147 days ago
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