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Who still wants to be thinner/stronger/hea

Sunday, June 05, 2011

I still write down all the challenges every week, but for me earning a point is more like a check mark. I enjoy checking things off of lists. Then every week I submit my points and think, "Not bad, but hopefully next week I can do better." I love the camaraderie of the challenge and the sense of accomplishment I get when I've done the things on my list. And I'm getting STRONGER.

Last week, I didn't even submit points. I was camping. And eating. And mainly drinking. I didn't track food, didn't remember what exercises to do (or have any interest in doing squats in my tent), didn't have a computer to blog. Good news, the Earth didn't stop turning. Over the course of the challenge, it seems like many people have realized their sun still comes up and goes down whether or not they give it their all.

I've been catching up on blogs, and I have seen a somewhat common theme. It goes like this: the challenge is just about over, we've learned a lot, we've made some changes, and we've run out of steam for really giving our best...so we're just going to be happy.

I don't hate that idea. Heck, I want to live it. Reality check, though:


Hopefully, we're all happier now than we were at the beginning, because of what we've learned and the great support we've gotten. Before, I knew a lot about diet and nutrition. Now I know a lot more. I used to look at exercise like it was out to hurt me and steal all the time in my day. Now I know that I can do 150 jumping jacks in just a couple minutes. I signed up for the challenge because I wanted to feel stronger and tone up my action.

Think about why YOU signed up. Did you want to be thinner? Stronger? Healthier? Three weeks is still a long time. You could move closer to your ultimate goal. You could go out with a bang. You could try to have your best three weeks yet. You could feel not just good, but GREAT about yourself. But you have to TRY!

Here's the thing, I'm starting to feel lonely. I was already worried about whether or not I'll be able to stay motivated without the challenges and the support once the 15 weeks are over. Now, it sounds like many people have already moved on. Is anyone here still into the challenge??? I am looking for buddies with whom to kick some a**. ;)

Here's my point. No seriously, I haven't blogged in a while and I get a Balance point for it. Now I'm going to go check it off my list!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Awesome attitude, Jamie!! I'm proud of you!!!
    3625 days ago
    I'm totally with you. I'm glad that everyone is learning and feeling better about where they are but come on ladies-this is a lifestyle. We've all got to figure out how to make it work with our lives-if the way you're doing it isn't working change it up and try again!

    We can do it-having you gals here keeps me motivated and accountable and I love that. I'm with Kate-no lonely snitches. I read this after my work out but I officially dedicate my workout today to you! emoticon

    and in honor of Kate maybe I'll try to squeeze out a few squats while I'm at it.
    3626 days ago
    I'm making the list and checking them off, too! I have slowed down, but I haven't stopped :).
    3626 days ago
    I'm still here too! I'm not in major challege mode, but I am still in 'support my friends / eat better / exercise to feel better' mode.

    I've also tried to take a step back due to feeling overwhelmed by the amount of emails / blogs out there. I'm ready for a reboot. I'm due for a blog myself.

    Glad you are still out there!!
    3627 days ago
    No lonely Snitches!

    I, in honor of your perseverance, will do some Squats TODAY. You will know that I AM WITH YOU!

    (but totally in a non-creepy way)
    3628 days ago
    Thanks for this one, I'm kinda feeling lonely now too. I don't think I've stuck to a challenge ever this long!!
    3628 days ago
    Yes! I can do it for three weeks! And I'll even remember to submit my points. I'll write it on my calendar! Thanks for the pep talk!
    3628 days ago
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