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Thursday, June 02, 2011

BLAH... BLAH..... AND did I meantion BLAH??? I'm soooooooo out of it and just BLAH!!!
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    I'm back! Hope you come back too!!
    2760 days ago
    I just came back from vacay and I'm finally catching up on my blog reading. I don't know where to start first, so in regards to your little girl, I pray she feels better soon and you find out what is going on. Its always so stressful when our kids aren't feeling well, been down that road with my daughter and I know how scared and stressed you must be. Stay positive. Thank God we live in a modern society with fabulous medical science than can diagnose and treat just about everything. My prayers go out to you durring this difficult time. Now onto you. GET OFF THE PEPSI. LOL. Ok I screamed. Big deal. Drink diet and if you don't like it tough, drink water. LOL. One of the first things I did when I started this whole weight loss thing was cut out the empty calories I was consuming with drinking fattening drinks. ( i.e. starbucks). I would much rather eat the calories then drink them. Next, I don't see your bugg on and if its not you need to get it back on ASAP. Sorry friend I don't mean to lecture, believe me I am struggling myself, but if anyone can do it its you. You have all the motivation, you just need to confidence and the only way to do that is goingto be by taking baby steps, one tiny step at a time. If anyone can do it its you, you have been with sparks continuously, vlogging away, much more than I have and I just know you have it in you to do this. One day at a time. One choice at a time. YOU CAN DO THIS. Ok I'm stepping off my soapbox now. LOL. Tomorrow hopefully I can practice what I am preaching here and have a fabulous calorie day. I hope you do too. Stay with it.
    3026 days ago
    Secondly, a LOT of the same things you said that frustrate you about being heavy are the same ones that peed/pee me off!

    GIRL............ PUT DOWN THE PEPSI!!!!!!
    And if you must partake, have diet? you must must must.. the calories you are drinking are doing you in.. for reals.
    I drink diet soda everyday.

    It is so scary with your daughter, I cannot imagine as a Momma what you are going through being so worried with her, but don't forget.. she needs you healthy.. Remember?? You kinda made a promise to get healthy for her..

    I am going to send you my cell number in an email. You can text me anytime if you are struggling... I will help you through it!!! I have been able to reach out in that way to folks on here.. instantly, and it works.

    When you gave the shout out and then flexed, I died laughing, it was so cute. I miss you, so PLEASE stick around!?
    3057 days ago
    Have they checked her SED rate? Has she seen a rheumatologist? It could be autoimmune. I'm gonna be honest....I've been drinking water, but I would LOVE a pepsi right now LOL. We are here for you and believe in you! Your honesty is inspirational! I'm glad you're alive! It was good to see a smile peak through at the end.
    3059 days ago
    It was good to see you...probably because I am there myself, I could hear a lot of pain in your voice all through this...and I know it isn't easy. Wishing you and your family well. emoticon
    3060 days ago
    Oh my...I hope your daughter is ok soon!!

    Im glad you are here...Im glad you are alive! Missed you!
    3060 days ago
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