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Free Government Medical? For or Against?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hello SP Friends:
I am writing this blog to ask you, the reader; Free Government provided Medical Care? Are you for it or against it? I do not like many things about it but at the same time in our current situation I would have to say I am for it at this time in my life.

My daughter is 20. She was having pain in her jaw. She went to the dentist. Dentist says, "You have Bone Impacted Wisdom teeth. We need to do oral surgery to remove them right away." She is scheduled for surgery on May 31st. The cost (she has NO insurance) $3,000.00. They are going to be kind and let her make payments. This is RARE! Most places want full payment at the time of service but even at this she has to pay $167 for 18 months. She has to move out of her appartment and move in with her sister in order to be able to afford these payments while she is also currently trying to pay for her college education.

So, then today I take my husband to the doctor (again we also have NO insurance because he was laid off in May last year and I am a substitute teacher with NO benefits). The doctor says he has a inguinal hernia and he needs surgery ASAP before it strangulates his intestines. We say, "We have NO insurance." Doctor says, "I will call around and see if I can find a doctor who will do the surgery and take payments." So we were sent home to wait for the phone to ring to see if my husband can even get the surgery he needs.

I have heard that an argument against this government provided medical care is that people wait for needed surgeries. It is already happening. We may not even get this surgery unless it strangulates and becomes life-threatening and we go to the ER and it becomes an emergency surgery that they can't deny; rather than a surgery before it gets to that point just because we are poor.

The poor in this country and other countries are expendable. WE are a dime a dozen. I do not know for sure what all of the arguments are for or against this medical care but if you have ever been sent home knowing you or a loved one needs surgery and may not get it because of a lack of insurance, it may change your own perspective on the situation.

So, what do you think on this? Please be respectful of others' opinions. We all have one and there is NO right or wrong answer in this situation. I am just wondering if I am missing something here. I am neither democrat or republican. I am an American! I am tired of the arguments between parties and just want "the government" which is made up of people to stop campaigning from the floor of the Senate and Congress and look out the windows at their fellow Americans and get something accomplished. This is NOT the democrats fault! This is NOT the republicans fault! This is the people's fault who hold any office on capital hill that have forgotten the American people because they are so busy looking in the mirror and trying to focus on themselves.

I wish we could fire every last one of them and replace them with farmers and small business men and women and teachers and nurses and construction workers etc... then and only then might our "governement" that is "for the people and by the people" be worth the Peoples' time!

God Bless you all and I hope I did not offend anyone. Please invite others to read my blog. I am not looking to be popular I just really want to hear from as many people as possible to see if the rest of America is on the same page with me or do I need to re-evaluate my thinking. Thanks to you all.
PS: Weight management and care should be included in preventative care because obesity is the leading cause of heart disease and diabetes and back and muscle problems and many other preventable diseases.

OK...I'm done ranting...
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  • LVZ617
    I believe we should have a basic level of socialized medicine - not because it is a right such as freedom of speech, but because it is the moral thing to do. I know that I am one of the few doctors in this country who feels this way. People argue that this would give us a tiered system of care, as exists in other countries, with those who can afford to pay out of pocket don't have to wait for services. Well- we already have one, as your case demonstrates.
    In some countries, health care providers spend half their time providing care under socialized care, and being paid a base salary. The other half they spend seeing private patients. This probably represents the best compromise.
    As a country (particularly Medicare and Medicaid) spend enormous amounts caring for people in their last 6-12 months of life. We do everything for everybody, frequently prolonging the dying process.
    Our malpractice system is almost unique in the world, and is a major factor in the spiraling cost of healthcare. In a lot of countries, the plaintiff (patient) has to pay not only their legal expenses but that of the doctor if the patient loses the suit. Some states have lowered the costs by mandating review of cases by a 3 person panel of a judge, a lawyer and a doctor, who determine if there is enough merit for a suit to be filed.
    Another major cost of medicine in this country is the incredible bureaucracy attached to everything. With Medicare and Medicaid we could save a lot of money by just paying the doctors and getting rid of thousands of administrators. For example, in New Jersey Medicaid pays $16 for an office visit, but the cost of compliance and filing all the paperwork is more than that.
    There are a limited number of clinics (including dental clinics) but they usually involve a lot of paperwork.
    I am sorry I have gone on so long, but this obviously touches me. I would love to just be able to take care of people. Good luck!
    3622 days ago
    We all have tough times to go through in life. It used to be that people helped each other as did the local churches and community groups. I believe that it is wrong for the government to provide "free" health care because they first have to take from individuals who earn it. The government earns no money itself. It takes from the working citizens, or those who earn it. So if health care is a right... who then will you enslave to provide this care? Do you have a right to beat down a doctor's door and make him provide your care? And if health care is a right, what else will become a right?? And if a government gives a right to it's people, it can certainly take that right away, can it not? So I think that is a treacherous road. Will landlords or property owners have to give free housing to people? Will hairstylists be mandated to provide hair care? To me, the only rights I have are the ones I was born with. Then ones enumerated in the declaration of independence. The right of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. There are no guarantees. No rights to equal outcomes. Only the opportunity to be my best. Just like my body is my reponsibility. It is my choice how I take care of it.
    or not. What food I choose to nourish it. I have a doctor who is my partner in my health. Offers guidance and care. So I'm a strong advocate of personal responsibility, I want less government intrusion. The government programs do NOT have a good track record of success, that is obvious. And this free care will come at very high costs. Like not being able to make your own decisions with your doctor. Your doctor will not be allowed to call the shots, it will be some government beauraucrat making all the decisions. Obama has personally appointed 15 individuals who will be in charge of that task.
    Making decisions on your care .. not you and your doctor. Kinda scary to me. I wish you and your family well.

    BTW... I do not have health care either.. I am self-employed. I pay out of pocket.
    3622 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/20/2011 7:24:08 PM
  • no profile photo CD8301081
    Praying your husband can get his surgery. emoticon My son needs two teeth pulled and he just doesn't have the funds. It is heart breaking.
    3622 days ago
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